Skytop Lodge: Your Ideal Couples Pocono Mountain Resort Destination  

Mar 10, 2023

So you’re planning a little getaway with your special someone to the mountains and wondering where you should go. Whether you are enjoying a weeklong romantic rendevous or visiting for a weekend, Skytop Lodge is the perfect destination.

Today, let’s take a quick look at when to head to the Poconos, what to do there, where to stay and what to know before you visit. Before you know it, you’ll be a Poconos pro and planning that trip! Read on.

skytop lodge during springtime

When Is the Best Time to Stay in the Poconos?

When is the best time to stay in the Poconos? It’s a common question for couples and families – and even solo travelers – who are planning a vacay. And honestly, the answer is any time.

Spring is lovely, with melting snow and bulbs peeping their heads up over the winter’s mulch. The air smells clean and fresh, and the trees are coated in spring green. If you’re a birder, this is an epic time to stay at Skytop Lodge, where you’ll catch migratory birds returning and year-round species busily building nests or rearing chicks.

Naturally, summer is amazing too. Whether you love swimming, treetop adventure courses, hiking, archery or tennis, you’ll find America’s playground ready to show you a good time. Add a nice, thick coat of fall leaves, for which the Northeast is famous, and nothing could be more perfect.

And then there’s winter. Don’t hesitate to book a trip to Pocono mountains resorts at this time, either, when you can enjoy seasonal cheer to the utmost. Merry reasons to include Christmas at Skytop Lodge abound, though you don’t need a holiday to enjoy the colder months here! From hot cocoa to roaring fireplaces, Skytop is everything you could want in a wintry getaway.

That said, where should you focus your time?

What to Do in the Poconos

There are plenty of things to keep you busy in the Poconos. Covering nearly 2,400 square miles, this gorgeous wilderness region encompasses multiple waterways, mountains and beaches. You’ll find no end of outdoor loveliness, from ski runs to waterparks to trails. The Poconos include or are located adjacent to all kinds of amenities, including:

  • History museums
  • Scenic train tours
  • Brewpubs and restaurants
  • Antique shops
  • Outlet stores

… and more.

Where should you start? Well, the best way to plan activities is first to decide what time of year you’re coming, as summer and winter activities differ significantly. For instance, here’s a list of Skytop Lodge recreational opportunities broken down by season.

couple snow tubing

Winter Activities at Skytop Lodge

During the snowy months, Skytop offers:

  • Ice skating
  • Snow tubing
  • Treetop adventure courses
  • Intro to shotgun
  • Skiing
  • Ice fishing
  • Snowshoeing

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Summer Activities at Skytop Lodge

In the summertime, your activity choices at Skytop include:

  • Paddle tennis
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Lawn bowling
  • Biking
  • Lawn chess
  • Arrow tag
  • Paintball

Plenty of activities, such as hiking and archery, ax throwing and swimming in Skytop’s giant indoor pool, are accessible all year round! You can check out the activities page to learn more.

Where to Stay

While the Pocono Mountains have plenty of accommodation options for couples, Skytop Lodge is hands-down one of the best. It’s a super-romantic place to visit with your sweetheart, with tons of options for private lodging and cozy dining.

Families, on the other hand, will enjoy the great range of activities offered onsite, as well as the huge grounds where kiddos are free to roam to their heart’s content. With restaurants galore and lodging options from suites to cabins, there’s room for everyone to stay and play.

Older adults and solo travelers also love Skytop because it’s so easy to find a calm, quiet experience. Whether you want to work in a beautiful setting before slipping off for a massage, or just take a stroll around the grounds in the afternoon without the ever-present sound of traffic, Skytop is the place to go.

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What to Know Before You Visit Skytop Lodge

So you’re ready to plan a trip, but before you do, you’ll want all the deets. Here are just a few more good-to-knows before you pick your dates and embark on your Skytop adventure.

Making Time for All the Dining Options

The resort is actually a collection of buildings and restaurants, so you’re not limited to either staying or dining in the main lodge. To enjoy yourself to the utmost, make sure to have time for all the dining options so you can feel like you’ve truly explored everything.

Skytop Lodge has multiple restaurants, a coffee shop, an old-fashioned corner store market and more. Enjoy the perfect pub fare, an upscale dining experience or a cup of joe, all within easy distance of one another for your convenience.

Dress in Layers

Layers are the perfect preparation for changing weather, especially in the spring and fall, when rain and sun are both mercurial. When you leave your home-away-from-home in the morning, assume the weather can change significantly and dress accordingly.

man and women holding a cake with lit candles

Bring Outdoor Shoes and Gear

One of the Poconos’ biggest selling points is how much outdoor fun you can have in a relatively small radius. But whether you love fishing or snowshoeing, practicing your aim or scaling trees, you’re going to need good gear to do it.

Don’t forget to bring good shoes, tough pants and the appropriate jacket for the season. Also, keep in mind that summertime in the Poconos abounds with bugs, so make sure to wear tall socks if you’re wearing shorts, and don’t forget your tick and mosquito protection.

Book Your Stay Today!

Ready to book a stay at Skytop to show your special someone a good time? Treat yourself and reserve your room today … and make sure to plan ahead, because reservations fill up fast at the Poconos’ most beloved resort!