Best Ways to Prepare For Your First Treetop Adventure Course  

Jan 31, 2023

True, humans can’t fly. And as anyone who has woken up from a really cool dream of soaring through the clouds can tell you, that’s a huge bummer.

But there is a close second, and that’s a treetop adventure course in the Poconos. While you may never be able to take flight like a bird, you can now zipline through arboreal canopies at the speed of … well, ziplines … and walk through leafy boughs like a monkey through the treetops.

Treetop courses are perfect for families, couples and even the solo adventurer, but you’ll want to prepare properly. Here’s everything you need to know.

woman walking along treetop course

What Is the Treetop Adventure Course?

The treetop adventure course at Skytop Lodge is one of the most adrenaline-pinching, yet simultaneously Zen and awe-inspiring, activities in all the Poconos. Perhaps all of Pennsylvania.

Let’s take a look at what’s involved.

Main Features

The main features of the course include:

  • Elevated bridges
  • Ziplines
  • Cargo net
  • Ladders
  • Tight ropes
  • Other obstacles

… all 50 feet off the ground. You will work with experienced guides to navigate these challenges over several hours, all while soaking in the beauty of one of the nation’s most beautiful temperate forests.

Full of Half Courses

There are two options for the Treetop Adventure Course: full course or half course. They differ in terms of cost, time on the course, and features available.


The full course is 4 hours long and involves 17 different ziplines. Expect to pay $55 per person if you’re staying at the resort, $65 if you’re not a resort guest, and only $30 if you want to do the ziplines alone. In total, this course is more than 3,000 feet long.


The half course is only 1,500 feet long with 7 ziplines, but you can still expect to be in the air for about 2 hours. The price is a little lower at $45 for those staying at Skytop and $55 for those who aren’t. The zipline-only rate is still $30 per person.

Women ziplining during the winter

What to Know

Pretty exciting, right? But before you book, here are some must-knows if you’re looking to sign up for the course soon.

Size and Weight Restrictions

There are some restrictions on size and weight, namely:

  • You must weigh less than 275 pounds
  • Waist size must be smaller than 42 inches
  • Thigh size must be smaller than 26 inches

This is not meant to make anyone feel bad, but merely due to restrictions on the zipline gear and load-bearing capacity of the course.

Age Restrictions

Children must be at least 10 years old and accompanied by a parent until they are 16. There are no exceptions to this rule. Parents cannot walk below but must be on the course with their children.

Even if the child is 10, they have to be able to reach their arms up to a height of 5’11”. If they cannot, you’ll have to wait another year or two to bring them, as this is the minimum height required to be able to navigate the course.

Opting Out

You may opt out of the course and return to the ground at any time. An experienced guide will help you out of the trees and to the ground in the fastest possible way should you request it. Just note that once you’ve opted out for any reason, you cannot return to the course.


You must sign a waiver before you can ascend to the amazing heights of the treetop course. It covers liability, risks and medical conditions that don’t play well with this type of activity. Read through it ahead of time to make sure you (and your family, if applicable) are a good fit.

Do not sign up for the course if you are pregnant or recovering from injury.


It’s a good idea to book your treetop adventure course well in advance, because spots do fill up, especially during the busy season. Many adventure junkies have suffered serious disappointment this way, so don’t let that be you!

In order to book, you’ll need a credit card, which will not be charged unless you a) fail to show up at the appointed time or b) fail to cancel within 24 hours so we can free your spot up for someone else. Once you arrive, you can still pay with a check and nothing will be charged to your card.

You must arrive at the course half an hour (30 minutes) before the start time. Anyone who does not arrive by then is considered late and we may not be able to accommodate them.

Group of people on the tree top adventure course

What to Bring

You don’t need to bring much in the way of gear, but here are some important items to remember.


All participants of the treetop course have to wear close-toed shoes, no exceptions. It’s a good idea to wear well-fitting athletic shoes or hiking boots that have good grip rather than slip-ons or boots. Note that anyone with long hair must tie it back for the entirety of the course, for safety reasons.

Clothes are up to you, but the course does proceed rain or shine (excepting thunder and lightning in the area). You do not have the option of opting out within that 24-hour window due to weather; you will still be charged the full price of the course.

As such, it’s a good idea to dress in layers and bring a waterproof shell if it looks likely to rain. If it is hot, make sure to wear sunblock and wear light layers you can strip off.


Snacks and water are always good, especially if you have kids or teens in tow!

Stay Nearby at Skytop Lodge

One of the best parts about the treetop adventure at Skytop is how close it is to the resort. If you’re staying on the grounds, it’s much easier to get to the course on time and simply enjoy yourself rather than stressing.

Plus, with a ton of lodging and dining options, it’s no hardship to stay at Skytop! Feel free to explore our webpage and learn more about the various rooms, suites, cabins, coffee shops, restaurants and grounds we offer to all our guests. Not only will you get a price break on the treetop adventure course, but you’ll also make some unforgettable memories to book.

Ready to get started on the thrill of a lifetime? Sign up today!