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5,500 Acres of Tradition & Memories

Since 1928, we have been memory-makers for those who cherish our unique traditions, creating their own in the process. From the moment you arrive, you are transported to a more dignified time. Every aspect of your stay is memorable—from the awe-inspiring surroundings as you make your way up the winding road to the Main Lodge, to the welcoming warmth you receive from our attentive staff throughout your stay. It is our mission to make everyone who walks through our doors feel as though they are family. After all, It’s In Our Nature.

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Preservation and sustainability have been, and continue to be, one of our core values since our inception in 1928. Learn all the ways Skytop is staying green and helping to protect our planet.


A member of the National Trust Historic Hotels of America and Green Hotel Association, Skytop Lodge sits atop 5,500 acres including deciduous and evergreen forests, scrub oak forests, rocky outcroppings, a rhododendron swamp, glacial bog and small grassy meadows, all of which have been held in conservation since 1928.


With a history tied to nature, Skytop has always made efforts through awareness and preservation programs, and working with some of the country’s top ecological organizations.


How We’re Green

  • Guest linen reuse program based on guest preference.
  • Preservation of nearly 4,500 acres under Pennsylvania’s “clean and green program.” In essence, land dedicated as agriculture and not developed.
  • Conscious purchasing efforts of recycled products whenever possible.
  • Employment of a Naturalist and Historian to assist us in the preservation of Skytop.
  • Partnerships with Salvation Army to donate materials for reuse instead of waste/landfill.
  • Use of green materials throughout resort––recyclable mattresses, carpet, etc.
  • Use of LED lights throughout the resort to reduce electricity usage.
  • Replacement of windows with thermal pane low-E.
  • Installation of steam boilers to reduce fuel consumption and improve efficiency.
  • Installation of a new irrigation system on our golf course to improve efficiency and also reduce water consumption.
  • Installation of digital programmable thermostats to improve energy efficiency.
  • Installation of computerized heating and cooling throughout the property for programmable efficiency.
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