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5,500 Acres Of Tradition & Memories

Since 1928, we have been memory-makers for those who cherish our unique traditions, creating their own in the process. From the moment our guests enter, they are transported to a more dignified time. Every aspect of their stay is memorable—from the awe-inspiring surroundings as they make their way up the winding road to the Main Lodge, to the welcoming warmth they receive from our attentive staff throughout their stay. It is our mission to make everyone who walks through our doors feel as though they are family. After all, it’s in our nature.

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Questions or special requests? Our friendly staff is happy to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.

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Check out our mentions in local and national media, as well as our blog that will help you take advantage of all that the Poconos has to offer.

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Property Maps

Get acquainted with all that our property offers. A 5,500-acre playground awaits at the best Poconos luxury hotel – where will you go first?

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Preservation and sustainability have been, and continue to be, one of our core values since our inception in 1928. Learn all the ways Skytop is staying green and helping to protect our planet.

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