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Check In: March 21, 2019 Calendar Icon
Check Out: March 22, 2019 Calendar Icon
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Today at Skytop

Time Event Location
8:00 AM Pilates Cunningham Room
10:00 AM Estate Tour Hayride - Make a reservation in advance at the Activities Desk - weather dependent North Porch
12:00 PM Craft: Mug Decorating Recreation Room
2:00 PM Craft: Garden Stones Recreation Room
3:00 PM Craft: Wooden Porch Decor - $20 per person Recreation Room
4:00 PM-8:00 PM Ice Skating Open Pavilion
5:00 PM Game: Pictionary Recreation Room
7:00 PM Disco Skate Night - $10 Skate Rentals Pavilion
8:00 PM Campfire and Marshmallows Pavilion
8:30 PM Movie of the Day: Mrs. Doubtfire Mountain Lake Room

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