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Pool Closed March 11th-March 18thBe right back… We’re making sure your memories at Skytop create a splash.View Activities

Today at Skytop

Time Event Location
12:00 PM Craft: Snow Measuring Stick East Laurel Room
1:00 PM Guided Hike: Stable Trail to Gazebo Overlook with Rick Pine Room
2:00 PM Craft: Mason Jar Lid Bird Feeder East Laurel Room
3:00 PM Craft: Wooden Porch Decor - $20 per person East Laurel Room
4:00 PM Skytop Tea and Cookies Pine Room
6:00 PM-9:00 PM Ice Skating Open Pavilion
6:00 PM Photo Scavenger Hunt Pine Room
7:00 PM Disco Skate Night - $10 Skate Rentals Pavilion
8:00 PM Campfire and Marshmallows Pavilion
8:30 PM Movie of the Day: Evergreen Room

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