Winter Getaway | Why Skytop is The Best Poconos Resort for Couples  

Nov 10, 2022

Winter is the perfect time to get away. Spending a few days away from the stress of life to reconnect and unwind could be what you and your significant other need. There are plenty of reasons to get away, but finding the right location is perhaps the most important decision. If you want a location that can give you everything you need for an enjoyable escape, there are more than a few reasons to consider Skytop Lodge, the best Poconos resort for couples.

For Any Occasion

You don’t need a reason to visit Skytop Lodge. Some people come here to celebrate their honeymoon, spending those first few days of matrimony together and exploring all of the natural beauty and amenities the resort has to offer. Others come for a romantic trip that’s perfect for any preferences you may have. No matter why you visit, there is a lot to do and experience here.

Choose the Privacy You Desire

One of the best reasons to choose Skytop Lodge is because there are several types of accommodations available. You can book a room at the Lodge, which will offer the comfort and modern amenities you desire, as well as ample luxury.

For some people, booking the Streamside Cottage Rooms are ideal. They offer either a stream or golf course view with exceptional amenities and comfort. You’ll love the big room and bed. Another option is to stay at The Inn. The lake view rooms are fantastic. More so, you can enjoy the gas fireplaces and the modern décor throughout. Many of these rooms also have balconies, allowing you to wake up and enjoy the sunrise together.

Make it a Bit More Special

Once you choose the room for your stay, the next step is to make it a bit more special. You can do that with some of the food and beverage enhancements. Have a large charcuterie board delivered to the room so you can relax with some wine and snacks for a long night in. You can make it a little more cozy with milk and cookies, or if you are celebrating, why not get a cake and some premium sparkling water?

Don’t stop there. Add a bottle of champagne and some flowers. You are sure to impress your significant other with a dozen roses. It’s easier than you think to make this getaway truly romantic.

Find Lots of Things to Do Together

Another reason Skytop Lodge is the best Poconos resort for couples is that there is so much to do right on-site. You do not need to leave the property to have lots of fun adventures together. More so, there’s something for just about everyone. Here are a few recommendations for couples.

Ski and Snow Tubing

Downhill skiing and snowboarding are both available at Skytop Lodge. The distinctive slopes on West Mountain make for a fabulous experience. As long as there is enough snow, there is no reason not to get out there and conquer it together. There’s also snow tubing. Get a snow tube to share and head down the course just as you did when you were kids. It’s a short drive to the skii Hill, and there’s a shuttle to get you there.

Ice Skating

There’s nothing more romantic than spending time having fun and laughing. Depending on your experience with ice skating, you could be doing both. The Pavilion at Skytop Lodge becomes a skating rink when the temperatures get just right. You may even be able to ski at the lake, depending on the temperatures during your visit. That is the ideal winter getaway for anyone that wants to enjoy something fun. You can rent anything you need.

Learn Something New

There’s quite a bit to learn and do at The Adventure Center, even in the winter months. You can do some rifle shooting, for example, or take out some frustration with axe throwing. You can take our intro to shotgun program or wobble trap to really have some fun. When conditions are right, there are also other activities available, including archery lessons and lawn games.


Wintertime hiking can be an option, depending on snow and trail conditions. When you arrive at Skytop Lodge, be sure to ask about the hiking trails that are still available. You’ll find this is a beautiful experience to have even in the winter months.


With an indoor pool on property, you are sure to find a way to relax and have some fun together. The pool is perfect for those mornings when you want to get some exercise, but it is also a fabulous experience when you just want to swim and relax with each other.

Enjoy Incredible Food

One thing you will find about this location is that romantic dinners are easy to find. There are a number of restaurants and spots on-site that offer fabulous food, and we suggest trying them all out.

For the best location with a view, check out Lakeview, with its contemporary Italian menu and breathtaking views of the lake. Windsor is another fantastic option with a traditional menu. It’s elegant and beautiful and just the right location for a warm meal.

For something sweet, visit The Market, where you’ll find some exceptional ice cream treats. Or, for after dinner drinks, visit the Library Lounge, where you can enjoy a fine-crafted cocktail together.

Why Skytop Lodge This Winter?

As you are planning for a winter getaway, consider what you hope to find. The Poconos are still beautiful and accessible throughout the season. You can enjoy shopping and dining at any time of year.

You can also spend some time laughing and sharing adventures together. You can enjoy the local entertainment, learn a bit about the region, and go on a few wintertime hikes to really experience the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Skytop Lodge is ideally located. Take a few minutes to step away from how busy life is right now to visit a resort that offers everything you need, from comfortable accommodations to fun activities (don’t forget our weekly planned activities) in a picturesque setting. With more than 5,500 acres to explore, there is no doubt you will find something magical to enjoy here together.