What to Know Before Visiting Promised Land State Park  

Jul 28, 2022

When you’re trying to relax and get away from it all, nothing beats spending time in nature. That’s not just a frivolous claim either as studies show that “forest bathing” is beneficial to many aspects of mental and physical health.

Luckily, we’ve got just the place for you. Promised Land State Park in Pennsylvania is an epically beautiful nature preserve that will help you escape from the fast pace of modern life. Here’s everything you need to know about this gorgeous … well … promised land.

Promised Land State Park: Just the Facts

Situated on the Pocono Plateau at an elevation of 1,800 feet, Promised Land State Park is close to Blooming Grove, Greene and Palmyra Townships, and Pike County. The park itself is roughly 3,000 acres but is nestled in the Delaware State Forest, which is an additional 12,400 acres of prime wilderness space.

The forest’s trees are composed of mainly beech, hemlock, maple and oak. It has a well-developed network of trails, two lakes and multiple smaller waterways, creating an unparalleled natural experience for vacationers and locals alike.

Promised Land Amenities

Promised Land State Park is open every single day of the year. Its main hiking and day use hours are open from dawn till dusk every day, including weekends and holidays. Other parts of the park follow specific hours, which may change with the season. These include camping areas, the beach and the park office. You can contact the office at (570) 676-3428 to find out more.

The park provides the following amenities:

  • Boat rentals and ramps if you bring your own boat (electric motors only), canoe or kayak
  • Rustic cabins at which you can stay for a day or a week or more
  • A campground with numerous camping spots boasting varying scenery
  • Miles of beautiful, pristine nature trails
  • A concessions stand and gift shop
  • Fire rings and amphitheater
  • Showers and coin laundries
  • Playground and picnic tables
  • Restrooms and potable water stations

What to Do at Promised Land State Park

So what’s a visitor to do for a day in the Promised Land? Happily, you have a wide variety of choices. These include:

promised land state park infographic


Anglers from all over come to Promised Land State Park to fish its rich waters. Its two lakes contain everything from largemouth and smallmouth bass to pickerel and muskellunge, yellow perch and sunfish, catfish and trout. Of the latter, you’ll find brown, brook and rainbow trout.

Note that there are restrictions on fishing. You may only do so at certain times of the year and trout stamp restrictions do apply. You can find out more by contacting the park office.

Boating and Kayaking

Promised Land’s two large and beautiful lakes are surrounded by trees and native greenery. Even if you aren’t an angler, you will love boating on the sunny waters of these natural bodies. Note that gas motors are prohibited for the sake of wildlife.


Hikers will never get tired of the miles of trails in Promised Land State Park. From the beachhead to the park office, the edge of Delaware State Forest to multiple trailheads, you have endless options. Make sure to bring plenty of water and wear sunscreen in the summer months. Although much of the trail network is under tree cover, there are exposed areas.

Masker Museum

Come tour one of the largest CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) museums, where you’ll find interactive displays, books and field guides, and even fishing poles.

Beach Time

Just want some fun in the sun? We can’t blame you. The Promised Land State Park beach is the perfect place to play paddle tennis, splash in the water, or lay out a towel and read.

Wildlife Observation Station

Promised Land boasts many native species of interest, from birds of prey to turtles to porcupines. Head to the Wildlife Observation Station for a chance to see waterfowl and other wild animals in their native environments. You will find it on Lower Lake by the Bear Wallow Boat Launch.

Check the Events Page

If you want to learn more about events happening in the park, head to the park page and check the column on the righthand side. There, you will find nature hikes, wildlife lectures, animal viewing and more. You will also find important dates for fishing and other activities.

Planning Your Trip

Ready to head out to Promised Land? Make sure you make online reservations for campsites well ahead of time, as they fill up fast. Click that link to see available campgrounds, season dates and fees policies. (Also keep in mind that if you’re not the camping type, or if the grounds are full, Skytop Lodge is a luxurious place to stay with all the comforts of home … find out more below!) You can also call 888-727-2757 for reservations, Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To get to the park, take PA Route 390 10 miles north of Canadensis in Pike County. You can get there from state highways 80 and 84.

Check out this page to find the hiking trails, trailheads, directions and a huge variety of map options, including an interactive Geographic Information Systems (GIS) option for the digitally inclined.

A Few Important Notes

Before you head to Promised Land, please note the following.

Spotted Lanternfly

The spotted lanternfly has invaded Pennsylvania’s forests, including Promised Land. To help limit the spread of these bugs, check your clothing, car, gear and tent for any evidence of them. Also make sure you buy firewood in the area and burn it there, neither importing nor taking it away.

Drone Restrictions

Beltsville, Benjamin Rush, Hillman, Lackawanna, Prompton and Tuscarora are the only locations in which drones are permitted. At all other locations, out of respect for other park guests, drones are restricted.

Home Away from Home

Not the camping or rustic cabin type? We’ve got just the solution for you: Skytop Lodge. With multiple restaurants and lodging choices, a huge range of activities and 5,500 acres to explore, you’ll have just as much fun in nature there as at Promised Land.

Families can enjoy tennis, treetop courses or archery. Honeymooners will love kayak tours, lawn games and hot chocolate cuddles by the fire. Singles escaping on a work trip will find other like-minded people with whom to pack in ax throwing and exercise classes to their hearts’ content.

Skytop is located close to Promised Land, so you’ll have the best of both worlds when you stay here. Feel free to get in touch today to learn more about our offerings and book the trip of your dreams!