Poconos Honeymoon: Top 10 Romantic Things to Do

Jul 10, 2020

In the aftermath of World War II, the Poconos became known as the honeymoon capital of the world. Young couples who were excited and ready to start their lives together after years of war found the mountains to be refreshing and the resorts to be a welcoming escape from the dark chapter that they had just closed.

The Poconos may have been a top destination for newlyweds more than 70 years ago, but many are left asking, is the Poconos still popular? Today, the Poconos may no longer be the honeymoon capital of the world, but it is still one of the most inviting and romantic places for newlyweds to embark on their first big adventure together. Couples from across the world choose this destination for their once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience.

At Skytop Lodge, we love welcoming honeymooners to our rustic and charming resort. We offer newlywed couples luxurious rooms and state-of-the-art amenities that allow them to make the most out of their honeymoon vacation.

These are the top 10 things to do on a Poconos honeymoon:

Book a Honeymoon Suite for Your Stay

If there is ever a time to splurge on a luxurious suite for a vacation, your honeymoon is it. Couples who want to enjoy an adults only vacation in a beautiful setting will prefer the spacious suites at the Skytop Lodge. There are three different suites to choose from, including Junior, Grand, and Executive suites. Every suite features a king-sized bed as well as plenty of extra space to roam. It will instantly feel like a home away from home and will allow you to maximize those romantic moments during your honeymoon.

Schedule a Romantic Dinner with a View

At a resort like Skytop Lodge, you can customize your honeymoon vacation. Every day can be a new adventure, and each evening can be completed with an intimate dining experience. There are several restaurants on-site. The Windsor offers a casual and comfortable space for couples to reconnect after a day of fun on the grounds, and it specializes in offering a seasonal menu that features fresh, local ingredients. The Lakeview will open later in the summer, and the redesigned restaurant will be the premier spot for honeymooners. It is the best place to dine with a view of the property.

Spend the Day at the Spa

Indulging in a romantic spa treatment will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after the stress of planning a wedding. Skytop Lodge’s on-site spa, The Nest, is a favorite spot among honeymooning couples. Some of our most romantic and desirable couples spa packages include:

  • Two’s Company — A complete couples spa experience that includes a 55-minute Swedish massage, two signature facials, and two signature pedicures.
  • A Dozen Roses — A trifecta spa treatment that includes a rose petal body treatment, extreme moisture facial treatment, and a rose petal signature pedicure.

Play a Round of Golf Together

Sometimes a little competition is just what you need to keep your honeymoon as interesting as possible. When you book your Poconos honeymoon at Skytop Lodge, you can enjoy the award-winning golf course that is located on the property. It features some of the most spectacular fairways in the region.

Hike Toward a Spectacular View 

One of the best advantages to staying at Skytop Lodge for your honeymoon is that you can access private trails that are reserved for guests. One popular trail is the Stable Trail. This is a short yet strenuous uphill climb, but it leads to unbeatable views. After being rewarded with a panoramic vista that includes Skytop Lake, Camelback Mountain, and the Delaware Water Gap, honeymooners often take a moment to sneak a kiss.

Chase Waterfalls Throughout the Poconos

The waterfalls of the Poconos have appealed to honeymooners for generations. There are so many waterfalls to discover, and couples who are staying at Skytop Lodge never have to leave the property. There are several hikes that lead to breathtaking views of cascading falls. Leavitt Falls Trail, for example, is just longer than a mile and allows hikers to enjoy multiple views of Leavitt Falls. The waterfalls are a perfect place to grab that quintessential honeymoon selfie that you can post to all of your social accounts.

Picnic by the Lake

While any honeymoon itinerary should be filled with at least a few exciting and adventurous activities, it also is the perfect time for you to soak up this special time with your spouse. One of the best ways to enjoy quality time with your new husband or wife is to pack a picnic and head to Skytop Lake. As you soak up the views of the lake and snack on the food that you brought, you can enjoy an uninterrupted conversation with your spouse. It is sure to be an afternoon you will never forget.

Relax on a Private Beach

One of the biggest advantages of booking your honeymoon at Skytop Lodge is that you and your new spouse will be able to enjoy a private beach for the duration of your trip. The Skytop Lodge beach features comfortable lounge chairs and is a favorite spot among those who want to read, sip a beverage or soak up the sun. 

Glide Along the Water on a Canoe

Canoeing is the perfect two-person activity to enjoy on the water. There are many canoe rental companies in and around Skytop Lodge, and couples will find that it is easy to paddle along the calm rivers and streams that run through the Poconos. Whether you go canoeing often or it is your first time, you will enjoy gliding along the water in this peaceful and romantic setting. 

Sample Wines from the Poconos Region

Another favorite adults only activity among honeymooners is wine tasting. At Skytop Lodge, we can arrange a private wine tasting for you and your new spouse to enjoy. We love to showcase the bold and flavorful wines that are created in our region, but we can customize our selection to suit your preferences. You also may want to consider visiting a nearby winery, such as Mountain View Vineyard. This is a fun way to experience the surrounding area and learn more about wine production in the Poconos.

Traveling to the Poconos is a transformative experience, but it is particularly powerful for couples who are just beginning their story together. It is the perfect place to try new things, soak up the beauty of the great outdoors, and immerse yourself in romance. 

For more information on Skytop Lodge and to book your Poconos honeymoon, contact us today.

Poconos Honeymoon: Top 10 Romantic Things to Do