What to Know About Snowboarding in the Poconos  

Nov 29, 2021

The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania are a gem and a nature lover’s delight. Sprawled out in the lush, charming and rustic wilderness of northeastern PA, the Poconos has a reputation for forestry, wildlife and outdoor activities, one of which is snowboarding.

And it’s no wonder why: surrounded by picturesque vistas and blessed by a distinct, snowy winter, the Pocono Mountains are a paradise for snowboarders and skiers.

There’s a lot to learn about bringing your board to this region, so let’s take a deeper dive into what snowboarding and skiing in the Poconos is like.

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Enjoying the Region

Sure, much of your trip will be spent on the slopes, but if you come this way, you have to take some time to enjoy all the Poconos has to offer!

The region can be divided into two approaches, both of which overlap each other. You can either put your first foot forward into the quaint and welcoming small towns or set out into the abundant trails and mountains.

For small towns, there are many to visit and get acquainted with. The biggest and most bustling — by very modest Pocono standards — may be Stroudsburg. Replete with charming coffee shops, restaurants covering a wide variety of ethnicities, live music and a communal farmers’ market downtown, Stroudsburg offers a wonderful visit on your off days.

Just a bit south of Stroudsburg is Delaware Water Gap. While this is also the name of the geographical landmark, Delaware Water Gap, the town, is a hub for both nature and culture. While the rugged Appalachian Trail crosses right through this small community, hikers can decide to take a break and visit the town’s legendary jazz club, The Deer Head Inn.

Westward from Delaware Water Gap, you’ll find Jim Thorpe, a town that’s a bit of a snapshot of simpler times. You can peruse the antiques and knickknacks, visit a Harry Potter-themed coffee shop or go camping at the local camping resort.

Then, Northeast of Jim Thorpe, you’ll find Mt. Pocono, a popular and dog-friendly spot for hiking and expansive vistas.

These are just some of the highlights of the Poconos. The region is rich with charm and attractions, so be sure to enhance your snowboarding trip by enjoying all it has to offer.

Ideal Winters for Snowboarding Weather

The Poconos is known for well-defined seasons with a relatively moderate summer. Spring is lush and floral, autumn is vibrant and mesmerizing and winter is cold, crisp and full of lots of snow. In other words, perfect for snowboarding.

Wintry weather can also hang around for a while. The Poconos will get a bit of snow in November, but typically, snow will more substantially arrive mid to late December and become plentiful throughout January and February. March often sees snow in the front half as well.

Therefore, January and February in the Poconos is a snowboarder’s paradise. Natural snow populating the slopes and the surrounding landscape make for a perfect setting for thrill-seekers and leisure snowboarders alike.

Snowboarding at Skytop Lodge

Skytop Lodge is one of the prime places for snowboarders and skiers to hit the slopes in the region. Located on West Mountain deep in the Poconos, you’ll be treated to panoramic vistas of the whole range while you surf the snow.

Skytop Lodge’s slopes are powder-free; that is, the slopes only have natural snow. Therefore, the snowboarding season is weather-dependent, but our generous winters usually reward us with the best snow your board could ask for.

Snowboarding at Skytop Lodge is mainly for beginners and amateurs, but every snowboarder is welcome. We offer affordable Burton snowboard and helmet rentals with discount prices for resort guests.

For beginner snowboarders, we offer lessons to teach you the fundamentals, build your confidence and get you cruising a slope in no time! Our snowboarding lessons are offered for those seven and up, last for 50 minutes and can be either private or in a group setting.

How to Wind Down After a Day on the Slopes

When you’ve decided that you’re done for the day, there’s no shortage of ways to wind down in the Poconos.

Of course, you can head out to one of the aforementioned towns or uncover one of the many other gems worth visiting in the region. However, Skytop Lodge also offers dining and activities to close out your day without having to hop in a car.

If you’ve left some time, still want to be outside, and are staying at the resort, we have eleven beautiful hiking trails of varying length and difficulty. Be on the lookout for over 175 species of birds and other wildlife.

And, whenever it’s time to dine, we have culinary options for any type of appetite. For a morning perk or afternoon pick-me-up, Corner Roast is ready with your caffeine kick and sweet treat. For a simple lunch, The Market takes you back to a 1950s setting and serves up sandwiches, hot dogs and snacks, not to mention ice cream sundaes and milkshakes. For a pre-dinner cocktail or glass of wine, the Library Lounge sets a cozy and vintage tone. And, for a mouth-watering and satisfying dinner, either Lakeview or The Taproom offer up cuisine you worked all day for on the slopes.

The Slopes Are Calling

If you’re looking for your next destination to board and grab a lift ticket, the Pocono Mountains should be at the top of your list. With a true snowy winter full of slopes for all types of riders, and dotted by charming towns with nature, cuisine and culture, this region is ideal for a snowboarding trip.

We’d love to be your home base as you adventure in the Poconos! Give us a call and book your reservation at Skytop Lodge today.