10 Interesting Facts About the Poconos Mountains  

Feb 20, 2020

The Poconos Mountains have become an iconic vacation destination in the United States. Travelers of all ages and stages have long been captivated by the breathtaking mountain views, the cozy and inviting resorts and the exhilarating activities that can be enjoyed all year long. 

If you are planning a trip to the Poconos, you’ll want to know these 10 fun facts about the Poconos Mountains:

Interesting Facts About the Poconos Mountains inforgraphic

  1. Many Popular Spots in the Poconos are Named After Native Tribes that Lived in the Region.

Prior to European settlement, the Poconos were inhabited by several different native tribes. Some of the tribes who called the region home included the Iroquois, Shawnee, Delaware, Paupack and Lenni Lenape tribes, to name a few. Both residents and visitors will see these names scattered throughout the region on roads, schools, parks and more, as a way to pay homage to the people who first lived in this wondrous area. 

  1. There are Four Seasons in the Poconos.

Many other vacation destinations around the country experience seasonal ebbs and flows, but the Poconos is a popular place to visit regardless of the time of year. In the spring, temperatures are cooler and the weather can be wet, but travelers love the way the mountains come to life when everything is in bloom. The summer season is popular among families who want to hike, fish and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors during the warm weather months. The fall ushers in cool breezes and spectacular autumn colors. During the winter, the Poconos are covered in snow and filled with avid skiers who want to hit the slopes.

  1. The Poconos Mountains Were Once Considered the Best Honeymoon Destination in the World.

The Poconos was once filled almost exclusively with resorts for couples, as this destination earned the reputation of being the best place to enjoy your honeymoon vacation. In fact, the first heart-shaped tub was located in the Poconos. It may no longer be considered the honeymoon capital of the world, but it’s still a popular spot for newlyweds who want to relax and unwind after the stress of planning their wedding.

  1. There are Nearly 10,000 Hotel Rooms in the Poconos.

Given the fact that this is an expansive vacation region, it comes as no surprise that there are thousands upon thousands of hotel rooms. However, not all hotel rooms are created equal in the Poconos. It’s important to choose a resort that offers premier amenities, a cozy atmosphere and a commitment to excellence. Skytop Lodge, for example, has a variety of room styles available for its guests, ranging from luxury suites in the lodge to private cottages with streamside views.

  1. Couples Today Still Find Ways to Indulge in Romance in the Poconos.

Whether they are on their honeymoon or simply escaping for a romantic getaway, couples enjoy falling in love all over again in the Poconos. Some of the most romantic activities to enjoy in the Poconos include horseback riding, hiking to waterfalls and skiing. 

  1. Bushkill Falls is One of the Most Famous Attractions in the Region.

Known as the Niagara of the Poconos, Bushkill Falls is a stunning waterfall that has become one of the most famous natural landmarks in the region. Those who are visiting the Poconos should make it a point to hike to the falls, which can be accessed by an extensive series of trails. It may seem like it’s a hike up into the mountains, but it’s actually the lowest point in the Poconos.

  1. There are Several Historic Hotels Located in the Poconos.

The tourism industry has long played an important role in the Poconos region, and family resorts have been part of the community for many years. Those who want to enjoy an authentic Poconos experience will want to stay at one of the historic hotels in the area. Skytop Lodge is one of the most well-known historic family resorts in the Poconos. It was established in 1928, and it has always had a reputation for being one of the best places to stay in the region.

  1. Families Often Enjoy Outdoor Activities When Traveling to the Poconos.

Regardless of the season, the Poconos provide families with fun activities to enjoy outside together. The summer season, with its ideal weather conditions, is the perfect time to play on the beach, explore the mountains or visit an adventure center to try ziplining, rock climbing or a treetop course. During the snow-filled winter season, families can take ski lessons together or learn to snowboard.

  1. There are More Than 150 Lakes in the Poconos Region.

The many lakes that dot the region mean that there’s a waterfront view around nearly every turn. Those who are planning a vacation to the Poconos know that these lakes are the perfect place to enjoy a day of boating or fishing.

  1. There are More Than 170 Ski Trails in the Poconos.

Both locals and visitors alike take advantage of the powder that caps the mountains each winter by heading to the ski slopes. It’s important to note that these ski trails are located at the major resorts in the Poconos, such as Skytop Lodge. Staying on-location means that visitors can enjoy unparalleled access to the slopes.

At Skytop Lodge, we embody the ideals of the Poconos region. We offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy a historic family resort that features state-of-the-art amenities. Our 5,500-acre estate is the perfect place to get outside and become one with nature. From guests seeking romance to families looking for adventure, we have something for everyone.

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