Take Your Teens’ Vacation To Exciting Heights

May 12, 2017

Family vacations change as the kids get older. As a parent of teenagers, you no longer have to think about packing a bunch of toys or how your travel will impact naptime. Instead, the challenge you are more likely to encounter is a teen who resists family activities, vacation included.

At Skytop Lodge, we have been the top family resort in the Pocono Mountains since 1928. We continually work to add amenities and activities the entire family will enjoy, including the teenagers. We’ve compiled a short list of onsite resort activities that teens will love – even if they refuse to admit it. 


With three-hour sessions across three different playing fields, paintball at Skytop is a heart-pounding good time. Participants hide behind trees and bunkers made from natural objects like fallen branches on our woodsball field. Then venture into the junkyard field where you can take cover behind plastic barrels, rocks or pallets. Finally, travel back to the Old West on our western-style field and settle things the old-fashioned way, with a rip-roarin’ shootout. While this is great for teens to work out frustrations, it is not suitable for children under 10 years of age.

Rock Climbing

Whether your teen is an experienced climber or has never climbed a day in their life, the 33-foot climbing wall at Skytop Lodge is worth checking out. With six different sides, all designed to challenge varying skill levels, the rock wall looks and feels like real rock. All hour long climbing sessions include instruction from a member of the Adventure Center Staff who will be on belay for safety. Since there is no minimum age for climbing, this activity is perfect for families with teens and younger children.

TreeTop Adventure Course

Soar through the treetops across 16 ziplines as part of our 3,000 foot Treetop Adventure Course. Participants are challenged to climb a cargo net, walk across logs hanging from ropes, and more. The full course can take up to four hours to complete, although we do offer half-course and zipline only options as well.

This summer, spend time with those who matter most, your family, including your teenagers. At Skytop Lodge, we have been helping families create lifelong memories for almost a century. Contact us to book your Skytop family vacation today.