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Treetop Adventure Course

Hanging out in the trees is our kind of adventure! Our Treetop Adventure Course is just over 3,000 feet in its entirety with varying obstacles including elevated bridgeways from one tree platform to the next, logs hanging from ropes to walk across, ladders, a cargo net, and a total of 16 different zip lines.

Ages: Must Be Over 10 Years Old & Be Able to Reach 5’11
Hours of Operation:
Please call 855-345-7759
Ticket Prices:
Resort Guests:
$30 Per Person – Zip Only | $40 Per Person – Two Hour Course | $50 Per Person – Four Hour Course
Non-Resort Guests:
$40 Per Person – Zip Only | $50 Per Person – Two Hour Course | $60 Per Person – Four Hour Course

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Participants must be able to reach with their hands above their head to a height of 5’11” standing flat-footed on the ground and must have a waist size less than 41 inches. All participants must be at least 10 years old, and those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Waivers and harnessing must be taken care of before your departure. It is advised to arrive 30 minutes prior to your reservation to ensure you leave on time. Be sure to also bring hair ties for longer hair and to wear weather-appropriate clothing. This includes footwear – closed-toe shoes only.

Advance reservations are required. During the summer and on holidays, our first group departs from the Adventure Center at 9:00 a.m. every morning and every half an hour afterward. During the off-season, select timeslots are available.