How to Plan a Romantic Poconos Resort Vacation  

Feb 5, 2021

There’s so much to look forward to on a Poconos trip. Whether during the winter months, where the cool, crisp air awakens you each morning, or the middle of summer when the hiking trails are so accessible, this is the type of experience that many will love. It’s particularly romantic and the ideal place for an anniversary, honeymoon, or just a simple getaway. Planning this weekend trip can be a lot of fun, too. At Skytop Lodge, we have some key recommendations to help you do that.

Enjoy the Horseback Riding

Perhaps one of the best ways to spend some time in the Poconos is horseback riding. If you dream of spending the evening riding off into the sunset with the love of your life, this is the place to make it happen. The area offers a wide range of paths and trails perfect for riding. Streams and paved paths are extensive throughout the region.

For those who are looking for the perfect place to find a few horses, there are a few in the region, including Deer Path Riding Stable and Daisy Field Farm.  Take a short drive to Mountain Creek Riding Stable or check out the options at Bushkill Riding Stables. Even if you are brand new to riding, there are some exciting opportunities here.

Explore the Area’s Best Waterfalls

One of the best ways to spend this weekend is trekking into one of the area’s waterfall areas. There are some exceptional views here, and they are perfect for a romantic weekend.

The Bushkill Falls area is ideal. It’s been open to the public for over 100 years and has been mesmerizing people ever since. There are a number of smaller falls, all-encompassing a 300-foot drop. The Main Falls is the best view, with its 100-foot drop offering an exceptional experience.

Digman Falls is another option. The drop here is about 130 feet, making it the second-highest in the state. You can also check out the Dingmans Falls Visitor Center to make the trek. It’s available from May until September. Don’t overlook the boardwalk in the back. That’s the perfect place to get the best view.

Indian Ladder Falls is yet another option. This one has a base that’s 75 feet wide. The falls are 50 feet high. If you’re taking the Trout Stream Trail from Skytop, this is the best waterfall in the area. It takes you right to it. It’s also a good option for those who want to do some cross-country skiing.

Enjoy a Wonderful Meal or Two Together

Meals are times for sharing and talking to each other about future plans. At Skytop Lodge, there are plenty of options to choose from for these romantic, meaningful meals. Perhaps one of the best options is Lakeview at Skytop Lodge. This can prove to be an exceptional place for a fabulous lunch or dinner with incredible views of the lakes. For an inspired traditional dinner, try Windsor. The fresh menu with local favorites, there’s always something enjoyable on the menu. After dinner, enjoy a few after-dinner cocktails at Library Lounge. Look through the historical photos here as well.

Challenge Each Other on the Golf Course

How does golf mean romance? Perhaps the golf course is the ideal place for a bit of competition? It’s possible for those who love the game to book a tee-time that’s just right for you both. Then, enjoy the tree-lined fairways as you explore the course. Whether you’re serious about the game or just interested in having some fun, there’s lots to do here. Book a tee-time in advance.

Take an Adventure with Some Hiking

The Poconos are perfect for outdoor lovers of all kinds. If you have spent any time outdoors, you know this can be one of the best ways to build a good relationship.  You’ll learn to work together to achieve accomplishments. Overcoming obstacles, whether fallen tree branches or getting over a stream, is a good bonding experience. The sites you’ll see along the way, from historic structures to roaming wildlife at every turn, is well worth the experience itself. Depending on the time of the year, the woodland flowers and butterflies fill these spaces.

There are plenty of options to consider, but these make for a good experience. For couples, consider these options:

  • Lake Trail is a 2.1-mile hiking experience that takes you around the Lake. There are plaques to explain the local geology and ecology. The views from the rugged cliffs showcase the nature of the area.
  • The Stable Trail is another exciting option with beautiful views of Skytop Lake, Delaware Water Gap, and Camelback Mountain. It is a steep trail that you’ll need to help each other complete, including rock steps.

Take on a New Challenge

Depending on the time of the year you visit, there are plenty of exceptional adventures to explore in the area. For those who visit during the winter months, skiing is perhaps one of the easiest options. You can do that on West Mountain. While the slopes themselves are a lot of fun, the panoramic views are even more impressive.

Another experience comes in the way of snow tubing. Make some reservations to have some fun. Even if you’ve never done so before, it’s easy to let your inner kid out and have some fun snow tubing.

Climb to the skies. A treetop adventure course may be one of the best options available for those who want both views and a lot of fun. Rock climbing is another opportunity, though limited in terms of availability. With a 33-foot rock wall available, there are new heights to take on together here.

Enjoy Some of the Best Pampering

What is the best way for couples to relax and find themselves? Spending this weekend at the spa may be just what you both need. This is the ideal way – from summer to winter – to unwind from all of the stress you feel.

The Nest may be one of the best locations for this type of experience. It’s designed to help with mind, body, and spirit healing and offers everything from body treatments to manicures. You’ll both love the massage options – choose the type that is best suited for the experience you desire. You can relax in a quiet room, rejuvenate your spirit, and leave feeling relaxed again.

What makes for the best romantic trip in the Poconos for you and your significant other? It may be the luxurious rooms and the stunning natural views out of each window that we offer here at Skytop Lodge. It may also be the quiet time you both can spend together. Why not find out? Book your room today.