Why Skytop Lodge in the Perfect Spring Break Getaway  

Feb 18, 2021

Whether spending time with that special someone or seeking out a trip that’s right for the whole family, a trip to Skytop Lodge is the ideal adventure. Located in the Poconos, with a beautiful mountain range surrounding it, this 5,500-acre expensive outdoor oasis offers something for most people. For families that want to take on an adventure, not just spend another day sight-seeing and shopping, this could be the perfect destination.

Skytop Lodge in the Spring

A step outside is the perfect way to start any spring day. The sun is beaming, and the freshness of spring is everywhere. From the blossom flowers to the animals that are coming back to life after a long, harsh winter, there’s growth around every corner. Just spending some time watching the sunrise come up over the mountaintop is invigorating to the spirit and ideal for health. Get in some fitness, too, with a hike right at sunrise or on a crisp, cool night to take in new sights and scents.

Spend Time on an Adventure – And Choose From Many Options

One of the nice things about the Pocono Mountains is the wide range of things to do in the area. Even if you’ve never hiked or spent time outdoors, it can be a lot of fun to push yourself to a new level and challenge. Skytop Lodge is in the perfect area to make this possible. Here are some examples.

Treetop Adventures

Treetop Adventure Course (Half) | Activities at Skytop Lodge

Why not take a course in treetop climbing? From the rope bridges to the incredible views, there is no way any member of your family will forget this experience. The courses make it possible for you to learn how to be safe.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing | Activities at Skytop Lodge | Skytop Lodge Activities & Events

For those who want more of a challenge, there are numerous rock climbing opportunities in the area. You don’t need experience, but you do need the determination to make this experience a success.


Boating | Activities at Skytop Lodge | Skytop Lodge Activities & Events

Numerous areas of the Poconos offer kayaking opportunities. Going down the Lehigh River Gorge is perhaps one of the most exciting opportunities you’ll find. There are spans where even those who are beginners can enjoy it due to the calm waters. You can get the equipment you need right from Skytop Lodge.


Get Airborne in the Poconos | Hotels in the Pocono Mountains

There are other areas for boating as well. You can spend some time fishing on the water, too. The pristine lake is enticing, with its simple, natural feel and impressive views.

These are just a handful of the adventures you can have in the outdoors. Remember, even if you don’t have a lot of experience, there are plenty of ways to learn.

Hiking: Its Own Experience

For resort guests of Skytop Lodge, hiking is a wide-open adventure. Hiking is one of the best ways to take the whole family out for some fun. It is also one of the best opportunities for you to explore the wilderness on your own if you want some solitude. There are a few trails you should explore right at Skytop Lodge:

  • The Lake Trail: A 2.1-mile trail that takes you between the Lodge and the Lake, it is beautiful. There are some outstanding distant views here and rugged cliffs from the West Mountain to add to the beauty.
  • Rhododendron Swamp Trail: A short hike, perfect for a springtime hike, this one takes you beyond the back entrance of the Lodge. It’s a bit rough, but it allows you to reach the Wildlife Viewing Shelter, which is perfect for those who want to check out the local critters in early spring.
  • Leavitt Falls Trail: This trail is one that’s a bit more treacherous during the spring months if it is wet (and may not be available if conditions are risky). If it is available, the trail takes you down the ravine and into the rocky areas of the forest. The beautiful, towering white ash trees are a stunning view.
  • Trout Stream Trail: Another exciting opportunity is this 1.5-mile hike. It’s a popular hike that takes you to a three-level waterfall. The Pocono Plateau is also in this area. Yes, there are trout in the waters, too. You may be able to find a few river otters here.
  • Campbell’s View Trail: This hike is a bit longer at three miles. It takes you from a parking lot into the mounts to the summit of Skytop. When the skies are clear, you can see the ski slopes of Shawnee Mountain. The hawks and even a few black bears are likely to be spotted.

Enjoy the Onsite Springtime Activities

One of the things Skytop Lodge likes to do is to provide plenty of things to do and see locally, as well as to provide activities to keep you moving. While you can spend your time relaxing in those incredible beds and soaking in the tub, you may want to have some fun here. For families, there is an endless number of things to do and see. Some examples include:

  • Learn to shoot a shotgun or rifle
  • Have some fun with axe throwing
  • Do the zipline for the first time!
  • Play some paddle tennis with the family
  • Engage in lawn bowling – it’s a lot of fun
  • Check out our lawn games (the chess is one of the most sought-after)
  • Bike – we offer the bikes for you

There’s plenty of fun to be had this spring. You just have to be ready to make these family memories happen. You’ll love talking about Archery Tag years from now, or you may find that the indoor pool is the perfect way to start your day. Some kids and families love to hit the paintball field. We aim to provide you with a wide range of options so you can enjoy every minute of your spring break.

You’ll build new family traditions engaging in any of these opportunities. At the same time, the accommodations are exceptional, with each cottage providing ample space and private features to make this stay enjoyable.

Explore a Trip Like No Other This Spring

A spring break getaway sounds like the ideal way to recharge and start enjoying life after a long winter. At Skytop Lodge, you’ll find the type of experience you desire, from nature to incredible dining. Don’t wait to book your retreat.