Visit this Poconos Treetop Zipline That Will Blow Your Mind

Mar 16, 2018

It seems the opportunities are endless when it comes to experiencing the magic of the Poconos. While some prefer to take in the panoramic views from the rooms at the Skytop Lodge, others enjoy navigating their way through the miles of trails that wind through the surrounding wilderness. There’s no right or wrong way to explore the Poconos, but there is one adventure that is unlike any other — the Poconos Treetop Zipline.

3 Reasons to Zipline Through the Poconos

  1. You quite literally become a part of the Poconos as you take an exhilarating ride just above the forest floor. The zipline allows you to sail through the trees, providing a rush that can’t be beat. You will feel the healing powers of the fresh mountain air, and you’ll never forget how it feels to fully immerse yourself in nature.
  2. You have the ability to customize the adventure based on your own skill set and preferences. There are three different options for those who are interested in this activity. Novice adventurers may prefer the zipline-only option, where they are able to navigate their way along the 16 different ziplines that are located on the course. More experienced thrill-seekers may prefer the adventure course that includes scale ladders, cargo nets and other invigorating obstacles. The half course takes about 2 hours to complete, while the full course takes about 4 hours. 
  3. You can enjoy this adventure throughout the entire year. Whether you have booked a winter adventure that allows you to see the mountains blanketed in fresh powder, or you are going during the height of the summer when everything is alive and in bloom, you can zipline through the Poconos. This is one of the few all-season excursions in the region.

You aren’t going to be able to find this excursion anywhere else in the region. Book your stay at the Skytop Lodge today and know that the biggest adventure of your life awaits you amid the glory of the Poconos. Contact us today to find out more information.