Zip Lining

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Elevate Your Adventure, Embrace the Rush!

Soar between the trees with Zip Lining at the Treetop Adventure Course! With 7 different zip lines, you’ll be suspended in a momentary state of weightlessness as your senses are heightened, absorbing every detail of the surrounding landscape—the rustle of leaves, the distant calls of wildlife, and the panoramic views of the Poconos.

Day Zip

For the thrill of speed and altitude, visit The Adventure Center at Skytop Lodge, the pinnacle of action and adventure in the Poconos. Treat yourself to our 7 zip-line course. See how exhilarating life can be 30 feet off the ground.


Zip Line: $35 Per Person

Night Zip

Night zip lining at Skytop Lodge offers an exhilarating experience, as you soar through the darkness, feeling the thrill of adventure. With seven (7) ziplines to conquer in just one (1) hour each moment is packed with excitement and adrenaline.


Zip Line: $35 Per Person

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Treetop Adventure Course

Reach and Size Requirements

Adventure-seekers must meet the following requirements to participate in the Treetop Adventure Course Zip Lining.

✓ At least 10 years old
✓ Able to reach up to the sky to a minimum height of 5’11”
✓ Weigh less than 275 pounds
✓ Waist smaller than 42 inches
✓ Thigh size smaller than 26 inches
✓ Must have an adult present on course if under 16 years old

Please find our Frequently Asked Questions Below!

Adventure Center (view on map)

Zip line: $35 Per Person

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Ready to Fly?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re late, we cannot hold the rest of the group and will depart on time. We will attempt to move your group to a later time, but there’s no guarantee. You will be charged for the full amount of the activity.

Children under 16 years old must have an adult accompany them on the course, not walking below.

The activity requires a high level of fitness and coordination. If you are recovering from an injury and your doctor gives you the go ahead, you may participate. The course is not recommended when pregnant.

Guests can stop and be lowered off the course from any point by their accompanying guide. However, once the guest is lowered they can not get back on the course.

You may cancel or make any changes until 5pm the day prior to your reservation or you will be charged the full amount. In the event of a thunder storm we will evacuate the course for the duration of the storm and resume once it passes or issue rainchecks for another day.