Top Family Spring Break Ideas in the Poconos for 2022  

Feb 8, 2022

Spring break is the perfect time to get away and enjoy the turn of the season. It is the ideal way to spend time with family and reconnect. The key is having the right opportunity to do this. The Pocono Mountains happen to be the ideal destination no matter the temperature outside. As things are starting to warm up for spring break, now is the time to start planning your getaway.

Need Spring Break Ideas for 2022?

Perhaps you’re unsure what to do. You need ideas for family members to come together and have some fun. Skytop Lodge encourages you to book a trip to our resort. You instantly have access to lots of activities and experiences both at Skytop Lodge and throughout the area when you do. Here are our recommendations for a fantastic experience.

Top Family Spring Break Ideas in the Poconos for 2022 infographic

Do Some Onsite Hiking

Spring break tends to be a good time for hiking as the snow is melting and the rivers and creeks are full of life. You’ll notice more animals out and about getting ready for the onset of the warmer weather, and that often makes hikes far more enjoyable.

Numerous hikes start at or are close to Skytop Lodge. Here are a few of the best springtime hikes to consider:

  • The Lake Trail takes you around the Skytop Lake shoreline, and it may be one of the best two-mile hikes you’ll find. The views, especially in the spring, can be breathtaking as the area comes to life.
  • Leavitt Falls Trail hikes may be an option depending on how much of an adventure you want and just how wet it is. This hike takes you into the Devil’s Hole ravine, where you’ll be able to see the falls themselves. The trees may be in full bloom during this trip.
  • Trout Stream Trail is another option. It’s about a mile and a half and a good option for those who like a hike that’s full of adventure. You’ll be able to see a three-level waterfall and may even see a river otter during your trip.

There are many other hikes throughout the Poconos. Look for those with paved trails, when possible, to reduce some of the poor weather conditions on wet days.

Have Fun at the Adventure Center

If you are looking for ideas for a family adventure, the Skytop Lodge Adventure Center is the place to find it. The activities available here are dependent on the weather conditions and time of year. Depending on when you book your spring break, you’ll likely find a wide range of experiences available. Here are some of them:

  • Still snowing? If you are planning an early spring break, there may be snow on the ground. That’s okay here. You’ll be able to do some skiing, snow tubing, or cross country hiking through the Adventure Center.
  • Rock climbing is a good way to build a bit of competitiveness into the family. Even if you have never done so before, you can learn the fun and thrill of climbing here.
  • The treetop adventure course is an excellent option, too. Do this with your entire family, working to support each other along the way. There are several obstacles to face together in this challenge.

There are other activities here, too. You can have a paintball competition or do some archery. There’s always something fun happening at Skytop Lodge, and it does not have to be hard to plan it into your trip with us.

Do Some Whitewater Rafting

Again, it is very much dependent on conditions when you visit, but for many people, whitewater rafting can be a lot of fun. In the spring months, plenty of rivers are ready to travel down. You can find a whitewater rafting company to help guide you through this experience. It is always a good time. A good place to start is at Jim Thorpe River Adventures. There are options available for all skill levels of participants, too. The whole family can get involved.

Take the Train

Not everyone wants to spend time out on an adventure that requires a lot of physical activity. For those looking for a more scenic experience, take a ride on the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway. You’ll be able to relax in vintage coaches built in 1917. The train is pulled by diesel engines, taking you from one location, over bridges, through the Glen Onoko, and then to the Lehigh Gorge State Park. It’s a fun ride along the mountains, and the views of both the hills and the wildlife are fabulous.

The train trip is about 70 minutes. It will take you around the Poconos and provide various opportunities to see the natural beauty of this area. If possible, check out the first-class dome car seating for an extra special experience.

Get Out onto the Green

This may be the first time this year that you are able to get out there onto the green to have some fun. There’s nothing quite like that first day on the fairways, smelling the fresh spring air and getting ready for a good round. There are several golf courses nearby, including our award-winning golf course at Skytop Lodge. With 6,656 yards, it’s easy to have some fun with this somewhat challenging course.

Take a Helicopter Tour

Do you want to see just how expansive and impressive the Poconos is? Get in a helicopter and check out the region for a fully new vantage point. Various companies are available that offer this type of experience. Each is a bit different, but all show this area’s natural beauty. In some cases, you can even do some skydiving if you are brave. In all cases, it’s mesmerizing to see the rivers flowing along this path.

Do Some Fishing

Lake fishing is an excellent way to spend some time, and depending on the time of your visit, it may be the perfect time to check out the largemouth bass and pickerel that are in Skytop Lake. You can do fly fishing here, too. In the spring months, it’s common to see rivers teeming with fish.

Finding Your Adventure

Booking your spring break for 2022 can be a lot of fun with family. If you are ready to get started, book your stay with us now. You’ll learn about all of the upcoming events and activities that are perfect for spring break from our team. You may also find that this is one of the best ways to simply get away to have some fun without worry. The whole family is sure to love all that’s available here.