Top 7 Poconos Mountain Biking Trails  [Map]

Apr 28, 2021

The Poconos offers unparalleled beauty and a much-needed escape from reality for the people who visit. From the deep green of the trees to the rhythm of its waterfalls to the many gulps of clean air, it doesn’t take much to revel in the wonders you’ll find here.

Skytop Lodge is the premier Poconos destination for those who want to experience the magic of the mountains amid a luxurious setting in a convenient location. But while the resort offers incredible rooms and breathtaking views, it’s the outdoor amenities that truly capture the heart of the travelers who stay at Skytop Lodge.

Our scenic biking trails provide endless miles of enjoyment for our visitors. Every new path is a chance to see the mountains from a different vantage point. We highly recommend you go on an adventure by trying one (or more) of our top 7 picks. Here are the top scenic biking trails near Skytop Lodge:

mountain biking trails | Skytop Lodge

Wallenpaupack Lake Trail

The Lake Trail is the best option for beginners or for those with young children. It is a level trail with no inclines, and it offers breathtaking views of the colorful wildflowers that dot the landscape of the region. You may also spot a waterfowl, like a mallard, along the way!

The trip is three miles long in total and easy to navigate. The packed gravel trail will take you past the Lake Wallenpaupack Visitors Center if you want to stop for some information about things to do for the rest of the trip. If you’re looking for more of a challenge during the spring, summer, or fall, extend the Lake Trail with the Wallenpaupack Creek Trail.

Trout Stream Trail

The Trout Stream Trail is a popular choice among bikers who stay at Skytop Lodge because it’s a real-life choose-your-own-adventure. There are two path choices on this trail: one which is flat enough to be used by parents with strollers, and another which has a rougher terrain best for mountain bikes.

Please note that the tougher path is a hiking trail as well, so bikers need to be mindful of pedestrians. Everyone who embarks on this trail is rewarded by the Indian Ladder Falls at the end. This gorgeous waterfall is 50 feet high and features a backdrop of artistic boulders to frame the tumbling water.

Goose Pond Trail

Experienced bikers who want to explore the wilds of the lands surrounding Skytop Lodge will love the Goose Pond Trail. This is an isolated area of the resort, where most guests will spend an entire day exploring the swampy areas. From the pond to the pitch pine forest, there’s plenty to uncover while you’re here.

As with Trout Stream Trail, you might run into walkers and joggers at some point on the path, so be careful. Please note that guests who embark on this journey must notify the Activities Staff in advance. At Skytop Lodge, we’re always looking out for you.

West Rim Trail

About four miles round-trip, this path will take you to the Gazebo at Skytop. It’s about 1,900 miles above sea level and offers some stunning views of the mountains. Camelback and Delaware Water Gap are just two beauties that you’ll drink in after an exhilarating ride through the oak trees, sassafras, and pitch pines.

This trail features more than one way to get to the same destination. Some of our guests prefer to get to the Gazebo via one path and then take another back to the Lodge. It gives you the chance to branch out and get that many more views of the Poconos. This is a moderate trail, so keep this in mind if you’re a beginner or with kids.

Lehigh Gorge Bike Trail

Located in Jim Thorpe, PA, the Lehigh Gorge Bile Trail is 25 miles long and a good 3 – 5 hour downhill daytrip. Branching off from the D&L Biking trail, this will take you along a slight grade as opposed to a steep drop.

Make your way through a variety of wildlife, stop for a picnic at the side of the trail, or check out the ruins left behind along Lehigh Canal. The Penn Haven Planes, a relic from competing railroad operators, also make for a landmark you won’t soon forget.

Gouldsboro State Park

Part of the Prospect Rock Trail, Gouldboro State Park is 8 miles of flat (but scenic) trail. Wide enough to accommodate bigger families, this is a great place to give people space to breathe. This trail can get a little wet depending on when you go. If there’s been stormy weather before you go, you might want to choose a more elevated path.

If you come here in search of the Old 611 Route, you might not have the easiest time finding it as the signage here could use a little work. This is a popular path as it takes you through some of the most storied parts of the forests and action-packed parts of the wetlands.

McDade Trail

Made of gravel and parallel to the Delaware River, this 32-mile trail is good for most intermediate bikers. While you will encounter a few hills along the way, they’re small enough that you should be able to navigate them. If you happen to find yourself in the Smithfield Beach Area, there’s a five-mile section that would be perfect for even the youngest kids on the trip.

On the McDade Trail, you’ll wind your way through the old settlements of the area. Compare them to the farmlands of today and stop by an observation deck to catch the wildlife of the area at play.

Bike Rentals at Skytop Lodge

No matter which trail you choose, from the simple to the nail-biters, the Poconos offers you a wealth of scenery and a world of fun. Biking is a family-favorite pastime, one that has endured for centuries. There’s no better way to get your kicks than by enjoying a little road cycling on one of the many trails in these fabled mountains.

While many bikers prefer to bring their own gear when they stay at Skytop Lodge, there are bike rental options available for guests. Both cruisers and hybrid bikes can be rented at a rate of $15 per hour, and helmets are required by all resort guests. For more information on the biking trails near Skytop Lodge, contact us today.