Top 5 Things to Know Before Visiting Bushkill Falls  

May 17, 2022

Bushkill Falls, dubbed the “Niagara of Pennsylvania,” has something for everyone, including families and explorers. Well-constructed walkways and safety railings bring you face to face with a succession of distinct waterfalls, all intimately connected by a great network of hiking routes.

This park, located in the Keystone State and hidden in the Pocono Mountains, provides spectacular vistas, a variety of walks, fishing, and bird-watching opportunities. Aside from the natural splendor of this unique location, there are a lot of intriguing things to explore. This attraction offers a Native American display as well as family-friendly activities such as mini-golf, gemstone mining, mazes, and paddleboat rentals.

That is the stuff everyone knows about Bushkill Falls. What about the hidden gems? Consider five things you should know when heading to Bushkill Falls.

Bushkill Falls Waterfalls in the Poconos | Skytop Lodge

1. It’s Not Open Year-Round

As the name suggests, Bushkill Falls is a series of waterfalls, eight to be exact. Situated on the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area border, it is one of the region’s most spectacular waterfalls. Bushkill Falls sits tucked away in the woods in the midst of cliff-hugging boardwalks.

When coming to Bushkill Falls:

  • Make sure to bring some cash with you when you visit. The entrance price is currently $15 for adults who visit during the week. Children get in for $9 and seniors for $14. The tickets go up on the weekends by three dollars for adults and seniors.
  • Remember Bushkill Falls’ operating hours vary according to the season, day of the week, and weather. They typically open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., or 7:00 p.m. Ticket sales, stores, food service, and activities all come to a halt one hour before the park closes. It stays closed from December to March.
  • Also, the Boat House is only open on weekends in the spring and fall. However, it will be open seven days a week, beginning July 4th.

2. There Are Plenty of Trails

You hear the word falls, and immediately you think you’ll see the water and leave. That’s not Bushkill Falls. The falls are the focal point, but there is so much more. Bushkill is a haven for all things hiking.

If that sounds like your dream spot, the first thing you want to do is get to know the trails. They have color names to make that a little easier. Then, as most experienced hikers tell you, know where you are going and plan ahead.

The Bushkill hike trails include:

  • The Red Trail – The Red Trail is roughly 2 miles long, takes about 2 hours to trek, and allows experienced hikers to see all eight waterfalls. This is the only path that brings hikers to some of the most isolated sites in the park such as Bridal Veil Falls. Due to the number of stairs, the Red Trail is not suitable for strollers or wheelchairs.
  • The Blue Trail – Hikers may use the Blue Trail to visit Pennell Falls, Peter’s Corner, and Laurel Glen. This trek is quite challenging and takes around an hour to complete.
  • The Yellow Trail – The most popular path takes hikers around 45 minutes to complete. Along the route, you’ll visit the top and bottom of numerous prominent falls and views of the Main Falls.
  • The Green Trail – The most accessible waterfall trail is a 15-minute circle that requires little climbing. However, because there are steps, wheelchairs and strollers must remain behind. This walk also provides hikers with a stunning view of the Main Falls.

Keep in mind that the trails are steep, and most include steps.

Bushkills Falls waterfalls in the Poconos | Skytop Lodge

3. Bushkill, PA is a Historic Site

Enjoy some history while in the area of Bushkill, PA. Start at the Native American exhibit depicting the history of the Lenapes and the “Story of Bushkill,” which celebrates the public opening of Bushkill Falls in 1904.

Part of what makes Bushkill historic is its mining history. There is even a place for you to mine for your own gemstones. Miners may purchase a bag of tools and then sift through the jewels in a trough of running water – finders keepers. They offer full instruction on how to be successful as you mine the Pocono Mountains.

Other fun activities in this hidden gem include:

  • Miniature Golf – This rustic 18-hole mini-golf course sits next to a small lake and has reproductions of major attractions at the falls. It is environmentally intended to blend in with the scenic scenery.
  • Bushkill Falls Mining Company Maze – Each participant is given a passport and discovers letter checkpoints throughout the maze that spell out “G-O-L-D” before making their way to an exit. Prizes may be awarded to maze runners.
  • Camping – Camp near the falls for the full nature experience.

It is a trip that you’ll never forget.

4. You Can Bring Your Fishing Pole

Where there are waterfalls, there are usually lakes, in this case, Twin Lakes. The “Twin Lakes” are two tiny lakes at the entrance of Bushkill Falls where visitors may paddle boat, enjoy the coastline, and fish.

A fishing license is not necessary for Pennsylvania, but you need a permit. These are easily available at the Boat House or the main store at Bushkill Falls. Bass, bluegill, and pumpkinseed sunfish are frequently caught here.

Bushkills Falls waterfalls in the Poconos | Skytop Lodge

5. There Is Luxury All Around You

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There are seven places to dine on the property and four lodging locations. We are under an hour’s drive from Bushkill Falls, too. Although, once you get here, you may never want to leave.

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