Top 5 Scenic Drives in the Poconos

Oct 29, 2018

A trip to the Poconos is all about reconnecting with yourself and others through nature. There’s no shortage of sights to see, especially high up in the mountains. To us, scenery is so much more than something pleasant to look at. It’s how it makes us feel, where it takes our minds, and who we’re seeing it with that really matters. With that, we hope this list inspires you to take the long way here.

roadmap of popular drives near skytop lodge

1. US Route 6

Route 6 will take you through the quaint historic town of Milford and around the beautiful Lake Wallenpaupack. Make your vacation into a family road trip as you see the sights and towns of Pennsylvania. This drive is so popular, it even has its own website!

2. PA 611 at Delaware Water Gap

An inspiring wonder, Delaware Water Gap views can do no wrong. Majestic, mystical, and almost out-of-the-blue when driving along PA 611. Keep your eye out for overlook points along the way for can’t-miss views of the Gap.

3. I-80 at Delaware Water Gap

It’s funny how you can hop the Delaware River to the I-80 and still feel like you’re seeing the Gap for the first time. It’s that breathtaking. Depending on where you’re heading, the I-80 is another route that will take you through the scenic Delaware Water Gap.

4. E Shore Dr and Skytop Lodge Rd  at Skytop Lodge

There’s nothing quite like hearing the Ipads dropping to the floor and the windows rolling down as you pull into Skytop Lodge. This drive will inspire you to take a deep breath of fresh air, unplug, and reconnect as you become one with nature.

5. Rim Road at Big Pocono State Park

What’s nice about this state park is that you don’t even have to get out of your car to enjoy bird’s eye views. This is because there’s a paved, 1.4-mile, ADA-accessible drive that takes you around the mountaintop. You’ll enjoy the rugged and scenic views as the leaves change in the fall, but note that the park closes for winter the day after the end of deer season.

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