Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Venue Near You  

Sep 28, 2022

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you will make when it comes to planning your wedding. This is the location you will greet people to celebrate your big day. You may choose this location for both the ceremony you are planning and the reception or just one of those. What’s most important is finding a location that offers everything you need to celebrate this big day with the people that you love the most.

What goes into planning a wedding, then? Before you choose a venue, Skytop wants you to know that you should plan to create your dream wedding. To make sure that happens, there are a few key things you need to keep in mind.

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Where Do I Find Wedding Venues Near Me That Offer It All?

It’s overwhelming, especially at first, to know how to choose a wedding venue. You may have numerous things you’re focused on, concerned about, and even dreaming about, but you’re unsure how to choose a place. Some couples become so focused on every detail that they struggle to make a decision on where to host their event. These steps will help you define what you want for this location.

How Many People Should You Invite to Your Wedding?

This is an important conversation to have with your loved ones before you even think about the actual location. The reason for this is simple. Venue sizes range widely. You don’t want to get your heart set on a location that cannot accommodate the number of people that you plan to have in attendance. As for who you should invite, that’s really up to you and your family. Consider:

  • Who is most important in each of your lives?
  • Did anyone contribute to your relationship or coming together?
  • Do your parents or other significant family members have requests for who to include in the day?
  • Do you want an intimate wedding with just a handful of people, or do you want everyone you know there?
  • What’s your budget? Before you can go further, you have to address this tough question as it could mean reducing your guest list.

Once you have an idea of the number of people you plan to have, the next steps can help you to create the experience you are dreaming about having.

Indoor? Outdoor? Or Both?

This is about the event you plan to host. Do you want to have a big outdoor wedding, perhaps on the waterfront or in a garden setting? This can be very romantic and charming. You may want to host a reception inside, though, as it provides a better way for your guests to come together for meals and celebration. On the other hand, you may want to consider just an indoor or just an outdoor wedding. This is really a decision up to you based on the time of the year you plan to have that wedding and the locations available.

What Is Your Ideal Theme or Design?

Think about the type of wedding you want to have in terms of what your dream location has. Do you want a location that is gorgeous with beautiful staircases, lots of outdoor architectural design, and a garden full of flowers? Do you want something that’s much more modern and sleek? You may want a wedding that is flanked with flowers or perhaps something that’s very sophisticated and elegant. Describe your ideal wedding look. When choosing a wedding venue, the location has to be able to offer the right look for you.

How Much Help Do You Want?

One of the best kept secrets of the most successful weddings is not doing it all yourself. Instead, consider the benefits of creating a wedding with the help of a person that does this for a living. Often, the wedding venue will have someone available to help you with all of the intimate details and features of your wedding. This may include:

  • Seating arrangements for the size of your group
  • Securing the proper tablecloths, wedding table centerpieces, and décor elements
  • Planning for the food, especially if you plan to choose a location for catering, to ensure it fits your goals and need
  • Securing the flowers and any other decorative elements that your wedding will need
  • Determining the timeframe and how the evening will pay out
  • Arranging all of the entertainment, whether you plan to have a band, DJ, or even an orchestra

These are just some ways the best wedding venue can help you create the memorable experience you desire. By having some help, you also know you are choosing all supportive services based on their past experience with the venue.

Location Is a Factor

Do you want to have a short wedding that’s just a few hours of you and your loved ones coming together to celebrate? On the other hand, you may be thinking about a destination wedding, which could allow you to welcome guests to a location to spend the weekend celebrating. The key is to think about your budget but also the amount of time you want to spend with your family and friends.

You could book a location where you and your closest friends can relax and prepare for the big day. They could arrive the week before your special day and perhaps may even be able to enjoy a spa treatment, some bonding time, and lavish meals before your wedding day.

Skytop Lodge Welcomes You and Your Wedding

When you want a gorgeous location that is one of the best wedding venue locations in the Poconos, you want Skytop Lodge. When you choose our location, you’ll have your options in venues and settings. That includes The Evergreen Garden, which can hold up to 350 guests. For another option, consider The Formal Garden, a location with a dramatic outdoor staircase that can accommodate up to 300 people. Another option is The South Porch, which has 1920s elegance and is just right for about 250 people.

For your reception, plan to have it in the Evergreen Ballroom. This stunning location offers everything from crystal chandeliers to beautiful wood decor throughout it. It can hold up to 300 people.

Perhaps you’re not quite sure. The best way to find out which location is best for you is to book a tour at them. Visit Skytop Lodge to find out all that we can offer to you to help you plan the most memorable wedding experiences you could have. With our beautiful backdrop and outstanding onsite and nearby amenities, this is where you’ll want to spend time.