The Ultimate Guide to Big Pocono State Park 

Jun 29, 2022

One thing’s for sure; you don’t want to miss out on any of the awesome activities that Big Pocono State Park has to offer! From horseback riding along a scenic path to beautiful hikes, there are a variety of adventures just waiting to be taken advantage of at this park. There are no entrance fees for any of the state parks in Pennsylvania, making it an even better spot for families looking to save money and still have fun with their kids.

Located in northeastern Pennsylvania, Big Pocono State Park can be found in Monroe County. On Camelback Mountain’s stunning summit and slopes, the park offers scenic views of three states from its 1,306 acres of rugged terrain.

Big Pocono State Park is most popular during the summer and fall. The weather is perfect during the summer — the temperatures don’t tend to go much higher than the 80s, while the fall brings cooler temperatures and gorgeous foliage.  

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Outdoor Activities

There are a number of outdoor activities to take part in at Big Pocono State Park, making it the perfect trip for families of all sizes. Some of these activities include the following:


The hiking trails at Big Pocono State Park are steep and challenging since the park is located on a mountaintop. There is a lot of rugged terrain, but the view is stunning, so it is certainly worth the effort if you are able to. However, be careful while hiking and prepare adequately. Hiking trails lead you to over eight miles of beautiful Poconos wilderness. Views of eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York can be seen from the summit. There are a few different trails to hike:

  • North Trail and South Trail: Both of these trails extend over on the east side of the mountaintop and are rugged and steep. This is great for more experienced hikers looking to be challenged. The South Trail is open to horses and mountain bikes.
  • North Trail Lower Loop: Located along the old railroad grade, this trail connects the South and North trails at the lower end. It is also open to horses and mountain bikes.
  • Upper Loop of South Trail: A 1.3-mile loop from Rim Road follows the south face of the mountain and the Indian Trail.
  • Indian Trail: The eastern cliffs offer a beautiful view, visible from I-80, Tannersville and Scotrun.


Under the open sky, you can have lunch and relax with your loved ones. Pack a picnic and relax in one of the designated picnic areas or look for a quiet area where you can take a breather after a vigorous hike. The views are incredible from any vantage point!

You might be wondering if you can swim at Big Pocono Park? There are a few opportunities to take a dive, but most of the activities include being out of the water.

Wildlife Watching

Right on top of Camelback Mountain is a special forest that contains quaking aspen, wind-dwarfed gray birch, scrub oak and pitch pine. The forest has no trees over 20 feet tall. You can find so many different wildlife and gorgeous greens, like sweet fern and mountain laurel, along with mixed hardwoods like maple, oak and hickory trees.

Mountain Biking

Get ready for an exciting bike ride because mountain biking at Big Pocono State Park is an incredible experience! It’s allowed on both North Trail Lower Loop and South Trail and is permitted on hard roads that vehicles use.

Horseback Riding

Horses are allowed on hard surfaces, the South Trail and North Trail Lower Loop, just as they are on mountain bike trails. A horse offers a whole new perspective on the Poconos’ abundant natural beauty. Remember that horses are not allowed on the North and Indian trail.

Downhill Skiing

Skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing at Camelback Mountain have been proclaimed the best in the Poconos. There are 33 trails, detachable quads, 13 lifts (two of which are high speed), two halfpipes, night skiing, two terrain parks, snowmaking and more.


There are plenty of options for staying overnight in forests, and state parks can be a great way to get the full outdoor experience. There are opportunities to camp based on whatever comfort level you prefer, whether it’s something more rugged or luxurious.

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