The Poconos by Personality: Adventures for Every Type

Jul 26, 2017

The Pocono Mountains offer the chance for a perfect getaway — no matter your personality, your interests or your hobbies. With its breathtaking vistas and stunning sunsets, there’s no better setting for a memorable vacation with the people you love the most.

There’s an adventure awaiting for every type of traveler, and here’s the proof:

For the History Buff

Originally inhabited by several Native American tribes and settled by Dutch, English and German settlers, the Poconos has a rich history that is steeped in its natural beauty and its vital resources. Travelers who love to learn while they are away will find enriching places to include on their itinerary. The Old Jail Museum is a prison that was built in the last 19th century and occupied until the late 1990s. Visitors are able to tour the site from June through October. Another place to visit is the Asa Packer Mansion, the historic home of the man who founded the first American railroad.

For the Relaxed Visitor

The Poconos is the type of place that allows people to breathe a little easier and to take things a little slower. With a naturally relaxed atmosphere, the traveler who is craving rest and rejuvenation will feel right at home. Fishing is a favorite pastime of both locals and visitors alike, while those who want to rejuvenate their spirits also may consider horseback riding, bird watching or golfing. Of course, staying at Skytop Lodge affords visitors the opportunity to take advantage of an array of spa treatments that will refresh the soul.

For the Family Fun Seeker

Family vacations are designed to make memories, and there’s no shortage of opportunities for families in the Poconos. Families with school-aged children or teenagers will love the thrill of whitewater rafting through the Poconos, and the nearby water parks are a favorite of the young and old alike. The adventure parks provide families with an opportunity to zip and climb through the mountains, and are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

For the Risk Taker

If an upcoming vacation means the perfect opportunity to experience the thrill of a lifetime, then the Poconos is the perfect destination. At the Skytop Lodge Adventure Center, you can go shooting, rock climbing or even play a game of paintball. You also can explore nature’s playground by hiking, biking or rafting here.

Regardless of the type of adventure that you want to have in the Poconos and the memories that you hope to make, there’s one place to stay that is just right for everyone. To learn more about the Skytop Lodge and its luxury accommodations, contact us today.