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Body Treatments at Skyview Spa

The Cryotherapy Stone Face Treatment

With the use of warm and cold stones being placed alternately on the face it helps create thermo-therapeutic tranquility and calmness, while also relaxing the muscles allowing your body to unwind.

45 minutes-$110.00

Bamboo Face Treatment

Using Bamboo stalks, this treatment helps to improve sensory nerve perception, circulation and lymphatic drainage, all while relaxing and de-stressing your body

45 minutes-$110.00

Shiatsu Scalp and Sinus Face Treatment

Warm Eucalyptus or Peppermint scented towels are applied to break up congestion due to headaches, sinus problems and colds. Acupressure is then applied to sinus and scalp points.

45 minutes-$110.00

Salt Scrub

Exfoliates and polishes leaving the skin smooth and glowing. Followed with a hydrating lotion application. Scent will vary by season.

55 min - $134.00

Seasonal Dry Wrap

This treatment begins with a stimulating body exfoliation.  Followed by a relaxing seasonal lotion application.  You are then wrapped with warm blankets to help hydrate your entire body.


55 min - $144.00