Surprise Birthday Party Ideas They Would Never Expect

May 17, 2019

The key to throwing a great birthday celebration is the wow factor, and sometimes that requires the element of surprise. While the tried-and-true surprise birthday celebrations are always an option, they can become a little predictable over time.

Instead, consider one of these ideas that will truly thrill and delight the guest of honor:

Book a Group Getaway at a Streamside Cottage

If you are planning a milestone birthday celebration for a spouse or a best friend, sometimes the best option is to get away from it all. The Streamside Cottages at Skytop Lodge are the perfect place to book a group trip to the Poconos. These cottages feature four inter-connecting bedrooms and offer private views of the rushing streams that run through the grounds.

Plan a Party on an Adventure Course

Surprise birthday parties at a home or hall are typical, and that special someone is bound to figure out the surprise when they pull up to see a driveway or parking lot filled with cars. Master the element of surprise by having everyone meet at the TreeTop Adventure Course. This is an ideal option for locals who never get to experience the Poconos like a tourist. This course features a variety of zip courses and rope bridges, giving people of all skill levels an opportunity to enjoy a new adventure.

Whether you want to plan a trip to the Poconos as a surprise or you are throwing a surprise party for a group of locals, Skytop Lodge has everything you need to pull off the big moment. If you come to us with a dream and a vision, we will make it happen. Contact us today to begin planning your next birthday event at Skytop Lodge.