Renting a Poconos Cabin vs. a Skytop Cottage  

Apr 13, 2021

Renting Poconos cabins allows you to nestle into this natural expanse with all of the amenities you need. You have numerous options in cabins, but there are a few clear reasons why renting a Skytop Cottage takes your experience to the next level.

Where Can You Find Poconos Cabins?

Booking a Poconos cabin is not hard to do. There are various cabins available throughout the Poconos Mountains. You may find them in wooded areas or clearings. Generally speaking, most cabins are spread out and owned by various organizations and individuals. If you are planning to visit a specific feature in the area, such as Camelback Mountain, it’s a good idea to seek out a specialized cabin area for that feature. The problem is some Pocono cabin rentals are less accessible and more remote. They don’t offer a centralized location for many of the things you plan to do and see.

Another option is to choose a room at The Cottages at Skytop. The Cottages are some of the best choices for experiencing all that the Poconos has to offer. These cottages are located about 100 yards from the historic Lodge itself. They are available as a Cottage King or Cottage Double room, which gives you ample space and flexibility in terms of how much space you need.

The Cottages provide a wide range of benefits – they have a lot of traditional country charm with modern amenities throughout. They offer large and comfortable beds with lots of room to spread out. There are also pull-out sofas in each one to add a bit more sleeping space.

Why Choose Skytop Cottages Over Local Cabins?

Finding a beautiful cabin is an option for anyone visiting the Poconos. It’s clear this is a good option for some people. Yet, there are a number of benefits that come from choosing one of The Cottages we offer at Skytop as well.

#1: Activities and Connectivity

One of the nice benefits of staying at Skytop Lodge is the access to activities. There are many activities taking place at the Lodge at any given time. Even though you are off away from the Lodge itself, you are still welcome to participate in these activities. That includes:

World-class golf: There’s nothing quite like the view of the Poconos from a golf tee. For those that want to play at an award-winning golf course, you’ll love this location with its strategically placed bunkers. You can rent everything you need for a round or two from the pro shop. You can schedule advanced tee-times as well.

Events: Various events that happen throughout the year including holiday-related events, the Summer Beer Fest and our Summer Garden Dinner Series. The list of events changes often.

The Adventure Center: You came to play and have fun, and the Adventure Center makes that possible. It is filled with activities and outings designed to help you embrace the Poconos in the most adventuresome manner possible. There are activities available based on the season but some include snow tubing, treetop adventure courses, rock climbing, ziplining and paintball. You may also want to embrace the Archery Tag field as well. There is always something to enjoy here with new things being added all the time.

Outfitters: The Outfitters provides you with even more things to try and experience. If you like to embrace the outdoors, this is one way to do it. There are fishing, boating and ice fishing experiences to enjoy. You can learn and practice rifle shooting, shotguns and more. Whether you have experience in these areas or you want to learn, this is one way to do it all while you are visiting the area.

The Nest: Not everything is about the outdoors. You may simply want to spend some time relaxing and getting pampered. You can do that at The Nest right here on our property. It is our full dry spa. You can enjoy a massage, manicure, facial and pedicure during your stay at The Cottages. Rejuvenate your body and mind here.

#2: Hiking Trails

The Poconos provides plenty of hiking opportunities. However, some of the best hikes in the Poconos are right outside your doorsteps at The Cottages. You can get to them in minutes of waking up in the morning (a sunrise hike is an incredible experience here).

By comparison, it is common for people to need to drive to a hiking site from their offsite cabin. That takes away some of your time and also means you may have to fight for parking. If you are looking for a way to really embrace the outdoors, doing it right from your Cottage at Skytop may be best.

#3: Nearby Lake

You may be able to find a cabin located on a lake. There are some out there. However, none of those are quite like the experience of staying at Skytop Lodge. You are on a lake. You have views of the lake outside each of your windows (depending on your location). You do not have to pack up your belongings, drive to a lake, and then unpack. It is all within a short walk of your experience. This really makes a difference in the type of experience you may have – it feels less tourism-driven and more natural to spend your trip on the lake.

#4: Onsite Pool

It may be possible to find a Poconos cabin with a pool. There are many cabins that offer hot tubs, and a few that may offer a pool. However, this can be hard to find (because it is a big expense and is harder to maintain for a single cabin). Yet, when you stay at Skytop Lodge in The Cottages, you have access to the pool. Why not spend some time lounging in the water?

#5: Rent What You Need Here

Another clear advantage of staying at The Cottages is that you will have everything you need available to you. Rentals for any of the activities or experiences you are planning to engage in are located right here. That includes everything you need for each of the activities. Rent bikes, canoes, fishing gear – anything you need. This can cut down on both the expense of your trip as well as the overall experience you have – it is faster and easier to rent from one location than to have to go from place to place to find the gear you need.

There’s no doubt spending some time at the Poconos is a fantastic vacation plan. Yet, to make it a bit more enjoyable and a lot more accessible, stay with us at The Cottages. You’ll love the experience nestled right into the woods with all of the amenities you need near to you.