Planning a Company Retreat in the Poconos

Sep 20, 2019

A company retreat is meant to inspire employees and help them build the bonds that are necessary for working as a team in order to accomplish the goals of the organization. Noting this, retreat organizers know that the destination can be the determining factor as to whether or not the retreat is a success.

Here’s why you should plan your next company retreat in the Poconos:

The Beauty of the Poconos Feels Like an Escape From Office Life

The destination that you choose has a significant impact on your company retreat. The destination needs to feel like a getaway — it can’t seem like one office setting has been replaced for another. The Poconos provide your employees with fresh air and beautiful views. Rather than feeling like they are embarking on a business trip, they will feel like they are going on vacation.

There are Adventurous Team-Building Opportunities

Company retreat planners know that there are always several elements that go into planning an event. There are likely meetings and hands-on training sessions, but there also should be team-building activities that are both unique and enjoyable. In the Poconos, you will find many adventurous team-building activities, such as scavenger hunts, boat building, rock climbing, hiking, and ziplining. Your employees will find that the corporate retreat allows them to enjoy activities and excursions that they may not find anywhere else.

Corporations Will Find the Meeting Space They Need at Poconos Resorts

In addition to having luxe and comfortable lodgings as well as plenty of excursions, your company also needs a space that offers meeting areas and gathering places. At Skytop Lodge, we offer an executive conference center as well as plenty of meeting spaces and conference rooms.  

Whether your company is a small business with an intimate team of employees or you run a multi-million dollar corporation that needs plenty of space for its corporate retreat, Skytop Lodge can create a package that works for you. Our resort and retreat center is located in the heart of the Poconos and features all of the amenities you need to make your retreat a complete success. We also offer a variety of team building activities for all ages including culinary, archery tag, golf, paintball, and more. Contact us today to book your next company retreat.