Making Family Reunions Memorable

Mar 27, 2017

Families have been gathering at Skytop Lodge since our beginning in 1928. As a resort that is rich in tradition, we are honored to have shared in the creation of family memories with so many of our guests, including those who come together for family reunions.

At Skytop, we know that family reunions mean more than just a gathering of relatives on vacation. It’s about your family’s heritage and its lasting legacy. It’s about knowing where you come from and where you’re going, generation after generation. And that is why we love hosting family reunions here in our beautiful Pocono Mountains location.

Share and Preserve Family History 

Technological advances, including websites like, have made researching family history easier than ever before. But the things database sites really can’t provide are the personal stories and the truly human side of our families. It’s one thing to know that your grandmother lived through the Great Depression. But it’s an entirely different thing to hear your grandmother tell you herself about the trials and joys that she experienced growing up. Being together to hear those stories directly from the source make them that much more special.

Foster Familial Relationships

Spending time together as an extended family can forge bonds and build relationships across generations. Here at Skytop Lodge, we offer a wide array of onsite resort activities that are enjoyable for all ages and ideal for creating close family ties. For example, our Grand March on Saturday evenings is loved by guests, both young and old. After all, the joy of dancing and community knows no age limit. Our family reunion guests also enjoy sharing meals together and exploring the beauty that surrounds our timeless resort. Whatever your family likes to do, there is something for you here at Skytop.

Create Family Traditions and Memories

When it comes down to family, traditions are the touchstones that remind us of our past, secure us in our present, and propel us into our future. A family reunion is a tradition based on connection, love, and a shared history. The memories made at your family reunions will last a lifetime.

This year, take time for what really matters with a family reunion at Skytop Lodge. Here at Skytop, we offer all-inclusive packages, complimentary t-shirts, cake, and family portraits to make planning your family reunion as easy as the fun you will all have together. For more information, check out our Family Reunion web page or contact Marlene Chamblee, our Director of Catering, at [email protected] or 570-595-8985.