Lake Harmony, Wallenpaupack and Other Must-See Lakes Near the Poconos  

May 31, 2022

The Poconos is the type of place to be when you love nature. It’s filled with beautiful mountains and valleys, but also fresh-water streams and lakes. Each one is a bit different and diverse in terms of ecosystem and amenities. All of them are fabulous places to spend some time.

At Skytop Lodge, we have a lake on property that’s available for our guests only (more on that later). Yet, they are plenty of other lakes in the region to check out, too. There’s no doubt that weather can play a role in accessing some lakes, and conditions can change rapidly. Nevertheless, these are our favorite lakes in the Poconos for exploration.

Lake Harmony

The perfect place for a sunrise or sunset, Lake Harmony is an excellent choice for those looking for a beautiful, clean lake. It continues to be one of the cleanest of the natural glacial lakes in the area, as the water streams from the mountains nearby to replenish it. 

Located in the city of Lake Harmony, this lake is fantastic for everyday use. There are slip ramps for boating and jet skis to enjoy. This is one of the most popular reasons people visit. There’s a beach area for swimming as well. It draws in families from around the area.

Lake Harmony is also a good option for fishing because of those clear waters. It’s not uncommon to fish perch, trout, and bass (including some record-breaking bass) in this area. It’s also fun to wade in the water and just take in the green, grassy park-like area that surrounds the lake. A few walking paths exist, too. Hickory Run State Park is located in this area as well.

Lake Wallenpaupack

Lake Wallenpaupack is a manmade lake located in the Pocono Mountains. It’s the second-largest such lake in the state spanning 5,700 acres with a total shoreline of 52 miles. This large lake is also rather diverse, with marshy areas in some locations and wide, open water in others. Because of that diversity, it attracts a lot of visitors each year. It is also a fantastic location for watching wildlife of all types.

Lake Wallenpaupack in Poconos PA on a bright autumn day lined with trees in vivid and beautiful foliage

There’s ample space here for most needs. That includes boating. Several boat ramps exist throughout the lake, and there are rentals available as well. It’s common for people to rent a boat, head out into the water early in the day and do some fishing.

Some areas along the beach are private and properly marked as such. However, there are a number of public beaches here, including Wilsonville Recreation Area, Tobyhanna State Park, and Promised Land State Park. At any of these locations, it’s possible to play in the clean sand. There are also numerous trails for biking and hiking.

Lake Wallenpaupack is near the city of Hawley. There are a few smaller shops here and restaurants worth exploring for those who want to spend some time indoors. This is a great way to wind down after spending the morning and afternoon exploring the parks and the lake.

Gouldsboro Lake

Another manmade lake sits in northeastern Pennsylvania on the Pocono Plateau. Gouldsboro Lake is about 250 acres in size, so much smaller than the others. However, it is a fantastic lake for those who like to fish. Anglers from around the country come not just to fish during the summer months but also for the ice fishing here.

There’s a public beach here as well. It’s only accessible during the summer months, but there are sandy areas with lots of open green space. This lake has more woodland surrounding it as well. That makes for fantastic hiking opportunities. There are also a few mountain biking trails to check out.

We recommend visiting the park’s office during the week. There are often family activities here. The park office also has a lot of maps and tools to help educate about the diverse and unique ecosystems present in this area. It’s a great learning experience.

Beltzville Lake

Beltzville Lake is within Seltzville State Park, located in Lehighton. It’s a stunning lake that’s nestled into a wooded area at the foothills of the mountains. This is a larger lake at about 949 acres. As such, it is a popular option for boating.

Each May, a 525-foot beach is opened up to the public for direct access to the lake. It remains open until September. There are concessions there as well as a bathhouse. It’s a nice place for a picnic with some sandy areas.

Visitors can also explore the 15 miles of trails around the lake. One of the most notable of those trails is Saw Mill Trail, a moderately difficult trail that takes visitors past the gristmill raceway that used to be present.

There’s also a quarry that dates to the 1700s in this area. A diverse park, the ecosystem here is quite beautiful with trees, beaches and some marshes as well. This also makes it a good option for those who enjoy birdwatching. It’s common to see waterfowl and warblers, especially in the early summer.

Skytop Lake

Skytop Lake is a fabulous private lake right here at the resort. We encourage all of our guests to take full advantage of the many fun things to do here. The water is beautiful and perfect for a swim from May through September, depending on weather conditions. It’s only available to guests, which means it is often far less crowded than other beaches in the vicinity.

skytop lake with kayaks on shore

The lake is beautiful with the perfect mix of natural habitat surrounding it and fun activities on it. There is a beach available with ample room for spreading out on a beach chair and soaking in the sun. A variety of beach activities take place here, including a kayak tour during the summer months.

For those coming to Skytop Lodge for the fishing, there’s plenty of time and space to do so. Fishing in our private lake is nice because it remains quiet and far less crowded. It’s possible to reel in perch, pickerel, and largemouth bass. For those just getting started, the Trout Stream is the perfect place to learn, as it’s all catch and release. You can rent all of the gear you need, too.

In addition to the lake itself, you can enjoy numerous hiking trails on the property, engage in lots of planned activities such as paintball and archery, and even go for a dip in the indoor pool (if you’re just not into the sand at the beach).

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Skytop Lodge is an excellent choice for those who want to bike around a wooded area or spend some of their time rifle shooting. Nestled into the Pocono Mountains, the property is close to many of the other lakes and recreational areas in the region. It’s the perfect retreat with lots of comfort and pampering as well.

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