Intimate Poconos Wedding Venues | What to Look For and More

Dec 7, 2020

It’s your special day, and everything needs to be perfect. The cake. The dress. Your hair. Every little detail has been meticulously planned, from the gold monogrammed invites to the first and last songs you’ll dance to. Finding a wedding theme and venue that fits the bride and groom like a satin, elbow-length glove isn’t always easy. Maybe you’re after opulent elegance, while he’s stuck on plaid flannel and beer.

Here at Skytop Lodge, in the heart of the Poconos, we’ve seen every manner of bridal motif from quaint country BBQ to over-the-top fairytale bliss. With four ceremony locations and three reception halls, our 5,500-acre historic property offers the perfect backdrop for any style of nuptials. Let’s look at some of the things you should look for when searching for an intimate wedding venue in the Poconos.

Ceremony Spot

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The backdrop for where you say your vows is one of the most important spots of your entire wedding day. It’s a spot where you want to feel comfortable and also have beautiful scenery that will be showcased in photos. When you’re looking at a venue, imagine yourself in that big moment. Look at the view from where your guests will be sitting. What will they be looking at during the ceremony? Then stand up at the altar and take a look around. Does it feel like you could get married in that spot? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you’ve found the right ceremony site.

Reception Location

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The reception of the wedding is when you get to let loose and celebrate with your guests. There’s usually appetizers, drinks, dancing and lots of admiration of how happy the bride and groom look. First off, make sure there’s enough space for your guests. Take note if the location is outdoors if there is a contingency space available should the weather not cooperate. Then, imagine where the tables would go and whether you would want a separate cocktail hour area where your guests would stand before sitting down for dinner.

Photo Spots

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If you can take your photographer to tour a venue with you, do it! They will be able to scope out the perfect photo opportunities ahead of time, which will make things go way smoother on your wedding day. When you’re seeing a venue for the first time, take some photos while you’re there so you remember the spots you loved. Make sure there’s some greenery and beautiful scenery spots where you can go as a new couple to capture the first moments after you say, “I do.”

Catering & Dining

intimate wedding venues | Skytop Lodge

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For venues with on-site catering, take a look at the menu and make sure you like what you see. Also, keep an open mind of what your guests might like. If you have a special diet, for example, don’t limit guests to a smaller menu because of that. If you like the general style and direction of the menu, chances are you’ll be able to work with the chef to create the menu of your dreams.

Event Planners

intimate wedding venue | skytop lodge wedding planner

It’s always nice when planning a wedding to have one point person you can work with at your venue. The best venues will have dedicated planners who coordinate with everyone else like chefs, photographers and musicians. This is so helpful because it takes a lot of the day-of pressure off the bride and groom so you can enjoy your day. When touring a venue, ask to meet the planner who you would be working with to make sure you hit it off.

Destination Weddings

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When you’re planning a destination wedding, there are some additional things you should have top of mind. For example, you should be intimately familiar with the location and property. This is important not only for you but also so you have the ability to share this information with your guests.

Relaying important details to your guests will be key in having a smooth event. Creating a detailed itinerary with a map is one of the best ways to allow your guests to feel comfortable. Then they’ll know exactly where they should be and at what time, allowing them time to freely explore when there’s downtime.

Also, it’s crucial to develop a close relationship with your wedding manager. There’s no doubt you’ll be communicating closely with your manager while you’re planning your wedding. It’s even more important if you live out-of-state so you can keep those lines of communication open so you’re both comfortable and informed of any changes.

Plan Your Poconos Wedding

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When planning a wedding, there are many benefits to planning an intimate wedding ceremony at Skytop Lodge. With a wide array of wedding packages to meet every style, budget and season, your fairytale comes to life right here on our property. Our professional event planning and catering staff ensure every moment of your special day is as perfect and unique as the love you share.

Guests are encouraged to make a weekend out of it with a stay in one of our cozy cottage rooms ideal for families. Call us today at (855) 345-7759 to book a site visit. For more services and planning information, please submit an online request.

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