How to Plan a Pocono Romantic Getaway

Feb 1, 2019

The Poconos has all the makings of a romantic getaway. Endless outdoor adventure, cozy cottages, and luxurious spa treatments. Whether you’re coming out to Skytop Lodge for the weekend or an extended stay, there’s so much to do without ever leaving the grounds.

Tucked high up in the mountains, there’s a 5,500-acre outdoor playground waiting for you. When planning a romantic getaway, you’ll want your itinerary to pack a punch and also allow time for relaxation. We’ve put together some tips to make the most of your time as you connect with each other and reconnect with nature.

Do Something Adventurous

Skytop Lodge has something for every adventure level. A quiet and easy trail hike. Archery Tag, also known as “dodgeball with bows and arrows.” Kayaking on the glistening lake. Take your pick. An adventurous outing will bring you closer as a couple as you accomplish a new skill together.

Soak Up All The Nature

You don’t have to be an adventure pro to take a trip on the Delaware River. You can rent a two-seater kayak or canoe and paddle around to the quiet corners of the river. The Lake Trail is an easy walk that’s just over two miles long. Take in the scenic vistas and let the views of the rugged mountains sink into your soul. Spending time in nature is a renewal for the soul.

Indulge at Skyview Spa

A pampering oasis nestled in the Pocono Mountains, the Skyview Spa is a peaceful haven for mind, body, and spirit. Treat yourself to stimulating, healing and innovative spa services that detoxify, rejuvenate and relax.

Dress Up for Dinner

Dress in your resort casual attire and sit down to a white tablecloth dinner at Windsor Dining Room. With a focus on the seasons and fresh bounty from our local farmers and ranchers, you’ll discover innovative cuisine in a classic setting.

Get Cozy in a Streamside Cottage

Skytop Lodge offers Streamside Cottages with stream, golf or Lodge views. Snuggle up with a good book in the king-size bed and enjoy each other’s company away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

At Skytop Lodge, we make it easy to reconnect. Book your room online or call us at (855) 345-7759 for more information about planning your dream vacation, including spa packages and tee times.