How to Choose The Best Poconos Family Resort  

May 14, 2021

What makes for the best Poconos resort? As you work to plan the perfect experience into nature, you’ll have to make a decision. There are some fantastic resorts throughout this area, each one with something a bit different to offer. Before choosing a location, consider some of the resort features that make a trip to the Pocono Mountains that much more enjoyable. Here are our recommendations at Skytop Lodge.

Know What You Plan to Do

The Poconos is recognized for many things, but primarily for the outdoor beauty it offers. Many people who come to this area do so to enjoy the outdoors – the views, the water and the wildlife. When choosing a resort, be sure you consider the types of activities you’ll want to participate in. Some people want to stay in and be pampered. Others want good access to the surrounding activities. You may want both. Be sure the resort you choose offers it.

A Resort with a Pool

Perhaps one of the most sought-after features is a pool. Choosing a resort with a pool isn’t always easy to do. Some locations simply do not offer them. Some locations offer an indoor and outdoor pool. Depending on what time of the year you plan to visit, that indoor pool can prove vital. Whether you want to lounge in the sun or have some fun with the kids, a pool makes for a must-have amenity. It’s the ideal way to cool down on a hot summer night or to get in a bit of fitness first thing in the morning.

The Right Type of Accommodations

Another feature to look for when comparing Poconos resorts is the type of rooms they offer. More specifically, look for those locations that offer the type of lodging that’s fitting to the experience you plan to have. For example, you may want a simple room (perhaps one with luxury accommodations and ample space to spread out during your stay). Resort rooms typically are a good option for up to two to four people and can offer some of the best pampering.

Do you want more space and a bit more privacy? Consider a cottage. Some of the resorts offer this fantastic option. A cottage gives you great proximity to the area’s amenities, but it offers more space to spread out during your time. At Skytop Lodge, these are located about 100 yards from the Lodge, creating some of the best accommodations for guests who want country charm and lots of comfort.

Activities That Make the Vacation

Choosing the right location to stay at also means considering what’s available on-site or nearby. The best resorts provide you with ample activities and amenities to enjoy during your stay. There’s no doubt you want options that can meet each one of your family’s expectations. Some of the activities to consider include the following.

Adventure Center

One of the ways Skytop Lodge stands out is by providing our guests with access to adventure. The Poconos are all about adventure in numerous ways. Here, you can embrace a wide range of activities, including:

  • Treetop adventure course
  • Snow tubing during the winter months
  • Rock climbing adventures
  • Paintball challenges
  • Archery tag

No matter what time of year you visit, it’s easy to have some fun outdoors and right at the resort.


For those looking to step away from the busy lifestyle they live for some relaxation, the golf course could be the best place to be. A resort that offers direct access to a golf course is a must for those who love the game or want to learn the game while they are on vacation.

Skytop Lodge’s golf course is impeccable. This award-winning golf course has 6656 yards with the best placed bunkers for both serious players and the casual golfer. With its mountain-style track, it takes players along tree-lined fairways and rolling terrain. Even if you don’t like to golf, the views are worth tagging along with friends.


Look for a resort that provides good access to hiking opportunities. There are many Poconos hiking trails to explore, and each one offers a different experience. You’ll see wildlife on every hike, but you’ll also enjoy towering trees and a cool breeze. There are 175 species of birds as well as bobcats and otters to find along the path. Of course, there’s nothing that compares to the serene experience of a hike first thing in the morning. You’ll love how the fresh air can invigorate your soul.

At Skytop Lodge, you have direct access to a number of trails. These range from beginner trails to those that are several miles long. They will take you to see incredible vistas of the 75-acre lake. Or, a short trail can take you to some of the best views of the surrounding mountains.

What Else Should You Look for in a Poconos Resort?

Imagine the perfect vacation. Then, choose the amenities that make it perfect. For some, that means a romantic dinner overlooking the sunset in the mountains at a fabulous restaurant. You may want a location that can accommodate your larger group, whether it is for a business meeting or a simple family gathering. At the end of the day, choose a resort that gives you everything and brings a smile to your family.

At Skytop Lodge, we provide a wide range of amenities right on-site, including incredible rooms at The Lodge and The Cottages. You’ll be able to find everything you need to create a magical experience, from direct access to numerous hiking trails to super close proximity to area shops and restaurants. You can spend all of your time at the resort if you like and truly love your experience. Or, venture out to the surrounding areas to see all that the Poconos has to offer. We make it as easy and as enjoyable as possible to celebrate this area’s natural beauty while also ensuring your vacation is filled with adventure, relaxation, good food, and tranquility. Book your stay at Skytop Lodge today.