Best Snowmobiling Trails in the Poconos  

Nov 15, 2021

*Skytop Lodge does not offer snowmobile rentals

In order to truly experience the Poconos, you need to immerse yourself in the mountain landscape — and one of the best ways to do that in the winter is by snowmobiling. Beloved by both local residents as well as visitors from afar, snowmobiling in the Poconos is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the winter. When you stay at Skytop Lodge, you will find that it’s easy to access some of the best snowmobiling trails in the region.

Snowmobiling in the Poconos: What You Need to Know

Snowmobiling in the Poconos is considered by many to be a wintertime tradition. While there are endless miles of trails that wind throughout the mountains, it’s important that you come prepared to take on the thrills and chills associated with this outdoor recreational activity.

First and foremost, you should be aware that there is a dedicated snowmobile season in the Poconos. The season does not begin until deer hunting season ends, which is sometime in late December each year. It extends through April 1. During this time, you can expect there to be plenty of snow in the Poconos, so there will be lots of opportunities to get out onto the trails.

In order to operate a snowmobile in the Poconos, you must:

  • Have a valid driver’s license.
  • Show proof of snowmobile registration.
  • Show proof of liability insurance.
  • Wear a helmet while operating a snowmobile.

If you are renting a snowmobile from an outside company, you may have to meet other requirements or adhere to additional regulations. It is important to thoroughly review the policy of the rental equipment company before you book your equipment.

Snowmobile Rental Information

One thing that many travelers do not realize is that there are not a lot of companies in the region that rent snowmobile equipment. As a result, we recommend bringing your own snowmobile. If you’d prefer to rent while you are here, a UTV is a comparable option.

Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours is one of the most reliable rental equipment providers in the region, as it has been serving guests since 1968. This shop offers the following UTV tours:

  • Double (Two Seater)
  • Four Seater

This rental company is open seven days per week, even throughout the winter season, which makes it one of the most accessible and convenient equipment rental options in the Poconos.

The Best Snowmobiling Trails in the Poconos

The vast majority of the snowmobiling trails in the Poconos are located inside the boundaries of state parks. This is good news for avid snowmobilers because they can head out onto the trail with confidence knowing that it’s going to be well-maintained by park officials. While these trails are expertly cared for by state park staff members, it’s important to keep in mind that the weather conditions can vary on the trails. Before you head out to go snowmobiling in the Poconos, you are going to want to verify that conditions are safe and that the trails are currently open for use.

These are some of the best snowmobiling trails in the Poconos:

  • Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail (38 miles from Skytop)— One of the most popular recreational trails in the Lehigh Gorge State Park is the Lehigh Gorge Trail. During snowmobiling season, there is a 15-mile stretch of trail between White Haven and Penn Haven Junction that is open to snowmobiles. Snowmobilers will find that they can park their cars and hop on their snowboards at the access areas located near Rockport and White Haven. It is recommended that people check the state park winter report to learn more about current conditions on the trail before they arrive.
  • Promised Land State Park Trail (7.5 miles from Skytop)— At Promised Land State Park, people will find that there is a 23-mile-long trail that is groomed and available to snowmobilers on a daily basis during snowmobiling season. The only time that the trail closes is when there is inclement weather or the conditions are too dangerous for recreational activity. These designated trails wind through state park and state forest land, giving snowmobilers spectacular views of the natural beauty that surrounds them.
  • Hickory Run State Park Trail (41 miles from Skytop)— There is a snowmobile trail at Hickory Run State Park that is available throughout snowmobiling season as well. This snowmobile trail extends for more than 21 miles. While it is not a groomed trail, it is still clearly marked with bright orange cones to help keep snowmobilers on the right path.

The extensive snowmobile trail system that exists throughout the Poconos makes it possible for riders of all skill levels to find a trail that is right for them. It’s important to evaluate your own skillset as well as your personal comfort levels before you choose a trail. With both long and short trails available, you are sure to find an option that is right for you and your family during your winter trip to the Poconos.

Where to Stay When You Want to Go Snowmobiling in the Poconos

In order to experience the best of the winter season and to make the most of your time on the snowmobile trails in the Poconos, you are going to want to stay at a premier resort in the mountains. Skytop Lodge is considered by many to be one of the grandest resorts in the Poconos, and when you book your stay here, you will be able to rest and relax in its warm and welcoming setting after a day spent out on the trails.

A few of the amenities that you will enjoy at Skytop Lodge during your snowmobiling trip to the Poconos include:

  • On-site restaurants and lounges. At Skytop Lodge, you will find that there are several restaurants on the resort property, ranging from fine dining experiences to casual lounges that are perfect for those end-of-day cocktails. With so many restaurants to choose from, you will find that it’s easy to get the delicious meal that you are craving after a day of adventure.
  • Resort activities. Regardless of the season, every day at Skytop Lodge is an adventure. There are always unique and fun activities planned for guests of all ages, so you will never find yourself feeling bored during your stay.

When you aren’t cruising along one of the trails that winds along a mountain stream or takes you through rugged terrain, you can rest and rejuvenate at Skytop Lodge. Our cozy yet luxurious lodge is the perfect option for anyone who wants to get the most out of their stay in the Poconos. Book your wintertime stay today.