Best Poconos Party Venue For Birthdays, Corporate Retreats and More  

Aug 12, 2021

It’s time to host a party that is sure to be remembered for years to come. Is there a special birthday coming up? Perhaps you are looking for the ideal place for a corporate retreat or company summer event. You could also host a big anniversary, a family reunion, or an intimate getaway for just the two of you.

Plan a trip to the Poconos, where you can take advantage of a wide range of amenities, including ample things to do and explore. Are you local? If you need a party venue near you that offers something exciting, turn to Skytop Lodge. We’re happy to make this a special day for you and your guests.

From young to old, our party venue offers something that is fitting for just about everyone’s needs. Here are a few ways for you to take full advantage of the location.

Choose the Right Venue

“Where can I find a venue near me that offers the ideal amenities and a charming location?” Skytop Lodge is a preferred venue for many reasons, including the range of venues available right here. Choose the style and size right for the type of party you’re hosting.

white horse carriage on green lawn

The Evergreen Garden

For larger events, the Evergreen Garden is an exceptional space. It holds up to 350 people and offers perhaps the most breathtaking view for those seeking a garden setting. With its garden arches and the Lodge in the backdrop, it could be the perfect place for your wedding. This outdoor area has sweeping views ideal for the large celebration you may be planning.

garden filled with white chairs for wedding

The Formal Garden

Another good location for a wedding, the Formal Garden is a bit smaller but can still accommodate up to 300 people. You will find this location is designed for a wedding reception, with its beautiful pathways, lush greenery and stunning backdrop.

young couple at their wedding

Cheyanna DeNicola Photography

The South Porch

Do you dream of walking down the aisle at a location with charm and historic architecture? This area features the 1920s elegance that’s hard to beat. The gardens below are also beautiful. There’s ample room for up to 250 people.

couple kissing on their wedding day with a lush green background

The Streamside Lawn

For a smaller event, but still with enough room for up to 150 people, check out the Streamside Lawn. The views here are serene and, depending on the time of the year, quite breathtaking. The lake is your background, creating a natural, stunning small party venue.

Streamside Lodge

Host your event at the Streamside Lodge. It’s the right combination of an outdoor party venue with an interior space. What’s nice about the lodge is that it’s quite versatile. You can use it for the family reunion or corporate event you’re planning, or it can work as a sweet space for a small party venue after a wedding. It’s a bit less formal, but there’s something quite charming about being able to dance under the moonlight or sit with a group of your friends around the outdoor fire pit that is sure to create exciting memories.  This location is as formal or as rustic as you want it to be.

The Evergreen Ballroom

While the Evergreen Ballroom is an exceptional choice for the most formal of wedding receptions, it can do much more for you as well. Use it for a seminar, a corporate event, or a formal dinner for those you wish to thank. It is perfect for an elegant anniversary party, too. The Evergreen Ballroom is large enough for up to 300 people.

To provide a bit more insight, this space offers outstanding charm. It has a wall of French doors that lead out into the Evergreen Gardens as well. It is the type of venue that provides your guests with more room to mingle, dance, laugh, and remember. The crystal chandeliers set the tone for elegance at each table. There is no other reception hall quite like this in the Poconos.

Executive Conference Center

Perhaps you need something far more business professional for your event. There are several options available within the Executive Conference Center. This is where the Evergreen Ballroom is, but there are smaller locations to meet your needs as well. That includes the Hemlock Ballroom, which is stunning and smaller at about 2600 square feet. It may be one of the best reception halls in the area.

The Tamarack Board Room, which is about 700 square feet, and the Evergreen Parlor, at 289 square feet, are two additional options. If you need a small party venue, perhaps just for a group of friends or a family to celebrate a birthday in style, these locations are excellent. Of course, they also work well for business meetings where you want to be sure to dazzle those who are in attendance.

Conference and Meeting Rooms

Do you need an elegant and sophisticated space for a high level board meeting? Perhaps you want to bring a group of people together to discuss important strategies. There are several spaces ideal for this. That includes the Lake View Meeting Room at 466 square feet, the Streamside Lodge at 1872 square feet, and the larger Laurel Room at 3000 square feet.

We also offer the Main Lodge executive boardrooms, two spaces of about 262 square feet each. These are ideal for corporate board meetings or planning sessions.

Why Utilize Skytop Lodge for Your Event?

While the outdoor party venue and the stunning reception halls speak for themselves, don’t forget all of the onsite amenities and features that are just right for all of these events. That includes:

  • The Inn, which has all of the rooms you need for yourself and your guests in a stunning space.
  • The Cottages, which are located just a bit away from the main building and provide exceptional privacy and charm
  • All of the dining you need here including our lounges, full restaurants, and even a sweet coffee shop to start your busy morning off
  • Golf, how many deals can be completed on the greens of your favorite golf course?
  • Plan a day of team building with your group at the Adventure Center
  • Spend time outdoors on a hike, the perfect way to bring families back together

With such a wide range of amenities to offer, along with numerous types of party venues, we’re confident you’ll find everything you need for your next event at Skytop Lodge. Even better, you can count on people remembering this as one of the best times of their life for all that it has to offer. Give us a call or send us a request to start your party planning today.