50th Anniversary Party Ideas: Decorations, Checklist, and More

Apr 10, 2020

Anyone who is hoping to plan a 50th anniversary party in the Poconos will want to be organized as they begin the planning process. This checklist will help you plan a memorable and exciting celebration for your important anniversary.

Begin the Planning Process with a Theme

The 50th anniversary is known as the Golden Anniversary, but you can still get creative when it comes to choosing a theme for your event. It’s important to select a theme early in the planning process because every other decision you make should stay in line with the overall theme. These are a few unique ideas that you might consider for your 50th anniversary party:

The Golden Oldies

50th Anniversary Party Ideas: Decorations, Checklist, and More

Select a theme that is based on the decade that you were married. Encourage people to dress in themed attire, and make sure to play the same type of music that would have been played at your wedding reception.

A Golden Sunset

50th Anniversary Party Ideas: Decorations, Checklist, and More

This could be a beach party theme. Encourage everyone to wear their favorite tropical gear, and host a beach-themed party in the heart of the mountains.

Black, White and Gold

50th Anniversary Party Ideas: Decorations, Checklist, and More

This is a unique take on a black and white party. Encourage your guests to come dressed in their best black and white attire, and accent the hall with plenty of glittering gold decorations.

When it comes to selecting a theme, you can get as creative as you want. Choosing a unique and distinct theme is what will make your anniversary party stand out from all the other more traditional events.

Make a Checklist of All Vendors That You Need to Hire

Once you have decided on a theme for your 50th anniversary party, you will want to create a plan for hiring vendors. Planning a full-scale anniversary party is very similar to planning a wedding. You will need to find a venue, hire a caterer, secure the help of a photographer and a DJ, partner with a florist and make sure that you have a baker to create a customized cake. When you are in the process of hiring vendors for your event, make sure that you are honest with them about what you want and what you are expecting. All vendors need to work together as a team to make your anniversary party dreams come true.

Start Thinking About Ideas for Decorations

After you have selected a theme and secured a venue, you will want to make a plan for party decorations. These are just a few ideas you might consider for your Golden Anniversary party:

Floral Centerpieces

50th Anniversary Party Ideas: Decorations, Checklist, and More

This is a very traditional decoration idea, but there’s a reason why people almost always resort to flowers when it comes to decorating their parties. Floral centerpieces are elegant, and they complement nearly any space. A florist will be able to create a centerpiece that works with your color scheme for the event.

Vintage Wedding Photographs

50th Anniversary Party Ideas: Decorations, Checklist, and More

You may want to consider displaying prints from your wedding 50 years ago at the event. People love to look back in time and see what your wedding was like. To incorporate gold into this decoration idea, consider displaying the photographs in gold frames.

Balloon Displays

50th Anniversary Party Ideas: Decorations, Checklist, and More

This is a party after all, and what party is complete without balloons. Gold, white and black balloons can be used to add a touch of fun to your party.

Nostalgic Decor

50th Anniversary Party Ideas: Decorations, Checklist, and More

Bring the past back to life with unique nostalgic decor items, such as vintage wedding cake toppers or paper banners and lanterns.

Consider What to Serve Your Guests

In many respects, the meal is the most important element of your 50th anniversary celebration. As you create the menu, you will want to consider the people who will be coming to your event. A few thoughts to keep in mind:

  • Some people may have dietary needs or concerns. Be sure to request that guests contact you with any special dietary needs that they may have. A qualified venue and caterer will be able to make accommodations.
  • Your menu should complement the theme of the event. If you opt for a beach party celebration, for instance, you may want to consider tropical components, such as ham and pineapple.
  • If you have invited families who have young children, you may want to have an extra meal option available. Many young children are particular and would prefer a meal of chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese. This makes the event more enjoyable and less stress-free for families.

Most people who host a 50th anniversary party at a banquet hall will offer their guests appetizers, a salad, bread rolls, an entrée, and dessert. Serving a complete and delicious meal puts people in the mood to celebrate with you for the rest of the night.

Don’t Forget About Party Favors

While certainly not required, party favors do allow you to express your gratitude for your guests and give you an opportunity to extend the celebration for the days to come. Party favors for a 50th anniversary party can range from simple to elaborate. Some top ideas for party favors include gourmet chocolate truffles, chocolate bars wrapped in a golden wrapper or a small bottle of champagne. Another idea to consider is an alternative favor. Rather than gifting a physical object, you may want to make a donation to a charity that is special to you in honor of the guests who attended your party.

In addition to making a list of all the supplies that you will need for your party, you also will want to start thinking about where to host your event. Skytop Lodge is a premier resort in the Poconos that offers meeting space and celebration venues. If you are hoping to bring in family from out of town, it is the ideal place to throw your 50th anniversary party. Even if you are a local resident, Skytop Lodge is a special place to commemorate a milestone occasion. It showcases the best that the Poconos has to offer while allowing you to host an event that highlights your personal style.

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