5 Tips to Hosting a Group Trip in the Poconos

Feb 15, 2018

Half the fun of any vacation is being with the people you love the most. Whether you are planning a group trip with extended family or your friends from high school are gathering for a reunion in the Poconos, you’re sure to make lifelong memories during your vacation. At Skytop Lodge, we love welcoming groups of all shapes and sizes to our resort. We’ve found that these tips make the planning process as smooth as possible:

Rent rooms at a resort that can accommodate large groups, and that offers premier amenities.

Depending on the nature of your trip, your group is going to need a specific set of accommodations. Couples, for example, may want separate accommodations that are nearby one another. Large families may prefer to stay in a lodge where they can book all of their rooms on one floor. With its distinct range of facilities, Skytop Lodge can accommodate a variety of types of groups. Between the expansive lodge itself and the cottages as well as the intimate inn with 18 connecting guest rooms, there’s a place for everyone to stay that is comfortable, private and convenient.

Discuss your individual and group goals for the trip ahead of time.

Communication and organization are two central components to any group travel experience, according to Travel + Leisure. Once you decide to embark on a trip to the Poconos, you will want to talk with one another and decide what your priorities are. For example, some members of your travel party may want to spend time at the spa while others are going to want to spend most of their times enjoying the great outdoors. It’s important to have an understanding of what everyone is looking for out of the experience.

Create an itinerary that includes scheduled activities as well as plenty of time to relax.

There should be a general itinerary in place prior to departing for the Poconos, as this will allow everyone to spend more time enjoying the region rather than trying to decide what to do next. Also, don’t underestimate the value of down time. You will want to have time to simply enjoy the company of your group.

The Poconos is the ideal destination to host your next group adventure. There’s a little something for everyone, and Skytop Lodge, we offer personalized service to meet the unique needs of your group. For more information on group reservations, contact us today.