What to Look For When Safely Booking Your Meeting Venue in 2020

Aug 28, 2020

Hosting a destination meeting might look a little different in 2020. Planning a group meeting during a pandemic comes with a whole other level of attention to detail. The safety of you and your guests is always our top priority at Skytop Lodge. That’s why we’re walking you through what to look for when booking your meeting venue in 2020. You’ll find new health and safety measures throughout the grounds with an emphasis on cleanliness without compromising on the unique team bonding atmosphere that Skytop has to offer.

Distancing Protocol

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A typical business group meeting might take place around a conference table or in a room full of chairs facing a speaker at the front of the room. With the COVID-19 pandemic changing how we do business and interact with each other, your group meeting will also look different. While you may still have your group together in a room (or outdoors, if you wish), there will be some definite breathing room in between each person. Six feet to be exact.

The current recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is to practice social distancing, which means staying at least 6 feet away from people when you’re out in public. Distancing protocol should be enforced to the best of your ability at any meeting venue. A venue like ours will enforce this new protocol and clearly communicate the measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

Sanitation Policy & Mask Wearing

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Before booking a meeting venue, it’s a good idea to be sure they have a sanitation policy in place. Extra diligent cleaning of high-touch surfaces is a must. Plus, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes should be available to attendees and guests. It’s also important to understand any mask policies. Most venues are requiring all employees and guests to wear masks.

Virtual Guest Accommodations

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Having the option for guests to attend virtually is one way to increase participation. Virtual guest accommodations will help deter guests from declining the meeting and therefore increasing participation and productivity. For those who attend in person, having the ability to see the virtual guests on a screen will be important. Clear speaker sound is also vital for smoothing out any disruptions that this setup might cause.

Fresh Air & Ventilation

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Traditional group meetings might take place in an indoor conference room. However, with new distancing and sanitation standards in mind, having access to fresh air and proper ventilation is a must-have perk. In fact, many meeting planners are considering the advantages of hosting part of the meeting outdoors. The fresh air stimulation and options for easy distancing make this a no-brainer. Luckily, at Skytop Lodge, there are many options for hosting part or all of your meeting outdoors. The spectacular mountain views alone are the ideal backdrop for mixing business and pleasure.

How to Plan a Safe Meeting

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If you’re planning a group meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some steps you can take to make sure it’s safe for everyone attending.

  • Room configuration and seating – Be sure you allow at least 6 feet of space in between chairs and tables where attendees will be sitting.
  • Taped lines on the floor for lines of people – If there will be a check-in desk or food and beverage station, help your guests practice social distancing by taping lines or decals on the floor. Any area people could cluster should be clearly labeled.
  • Food and beverage options – While lunch or dinner buffets and a breakfast spread is a nice perk for meetings, you may need to switch to individual servings, single-use cutlery, and modified menus and food presentation.
  • Communicate health and safety measures – Before your guests arrive, it’s important to clearly communicate what policies they need to adhere to. This is especially important as it pertains to mask-wearing, though many venues will have extra masks on hand.

Precautionary Measures & What to Expect

Booking a group meeting or company retreat at Skytop Lodge is ideal for promoting team bonding and getting down to business. Here at Skytop Lodge, the safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees is of the utmost importance. As such, we are taking the necessary steps to bring peace of mind to everyone who walks through our doors. As we welcome our valued guests back, we will be implementing the following protocols:

  • Decals will be used to designate social distancing for customers.
  • Single-use menus will be available. Menus are also available outside of each outlet, eliminating any unnecessary touchpoints.
  • All Food & Beverage Managers and Chefs are ServSafe certified.
  • Each employee will be screened upon entering the building using a touchless thermometer and adhering to CDC guidelines and recommendations.
  • All employees will wear masks and gloves throughout their shift.
  • Employees will practice social distancing in both the front and back of the house, using designated workstations to minimize contact.
  • High-speed Internet and the latest in audio/visual equipment to accommodate any virtual needs.

For more information on how we’re protecting our guests and staff, you can read our full COVID-19 policy here.

You’ve Never Seen a More Beautiful Setting

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There’s a reason we chose the Pocono Mountains as a backdrop for Skytop Lodge. This natural setting is absolutely breathtaking. Picture a delightfully overcast evening as your lakeside activity is just winding down, your warm cabin a beacon of light calling you to dinner. You can’t help but be inspired here.

At Skytop Lodge, we’re all about once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Come here to the Poconos, and chances are you’ll leave with moments, stories, and ideas that matter. When booking your meeting venue at Skytop Lodge in the Poconos, you’re giving your team the chance to embrace a cooperative spirit and build new ideas together.

At Skytop, corporate and team-building opportunities include the Adventure Center and Treetop Adventure Course, award-winning golf course, hiking and biking trails through the scenic Pocono Mountains, archery tag and paintball, wilderness survival and more!

Skytop Lodge offers 17 meeting rooms including the Skytop Executive Center, the Evergreen Ballroom, and many distinct executive suites. All include high-speed Internet, the latest in audio/visual equipment, and countless other amenities. Take your conference or corporate meetings to the next level at Skytop Lodge.

Call now to book your meeting: 570-595-8930.