Top 3 Winter Hikes In The Poconos

Jan 23, 2017

The Pocono Mountains are known for fantastic skiing amidst phenomenal natural scenery. But skiing is far from the only way to experience the splendor of the Poconos. At Skytop Lodge, some of our most amazing views are only accessible via hiking trails. Winter hiking on the 5,500-acre Skytop Estate gives you the opportunity to experience the stillness of the unblemished Poconos wilderness. While not all of our hiking trails are accessible during the winter, these are our top 3 winter hikes in the Poconos.

  1. Trout Stream Trail at Skytop Lodge

Loved by hikers and cross-country skiers alike, the Trout Stream Trail at Skytop is our most popular trail on the Skytop Estate. The 1.5-mile trail culminates at the magnificent 3-level Indian Ladder Falls. The falls are amazing in any season, but the stark contrasts of the dark rock against the bright white water, snow and ice is absolutely stunning.

  1. Scenic Gorge Trail at Pocono Environmental Education Center

This 1.5-mile trail is an easy to moderate hike. On this trail, you will explore an open deciduous forest and travel through a dark hemlock canopy. At one point on the trail, you will actually be flanked by chestnut oak trees on one side and hemlock trees on the other. This is a perfect hike for the flora lover.

  1. Lake Trail at Skytop Lodge

This easy 2.1-mile trail around Skytop Lake is entirely level. While hiking the path, you can get wide, open views of the 75-acre lake and the West Mountain, known for its rugged cliffs. Along the trail, you’ll find over 40 plaques that describe the ecology, geology, trees, and shrubs you will encounter. This adventure will satisfy your interest in the Poconos while enjoying all of the beauty of the area’s scenery.

This winter, take the time to explore the Pocono Mountains up close on the hiking trails. After a day on the trails, you can unwind with a great meal and a warm drink before heading back to your luxury accommodations at Skytop Lodge. Come experience the magic of winter in the Poconos at Skytop. For more information or to book your stay, contact us here