Three Reasons Why Skytop Is For Horse Lovers

Feb 13, 2017

As any equestrian will tell you, the world looks and feels different from the back of a horse. Horseback riding is a great exercise and a fantastic way to explore nature. Every year, visitors come to the Pocono Mountains to climb into a saddle and ride the trails. While there are many things that draw horse lovers to the regions, we’ve compiled the top three reasons horse lovers love to vacation in the Pocono Mountains.

Breathtaking Natural Beauty

The Pocono Mountains wilderness is as diverse as it is beautiful. The gentle slopes of the Poconos offer stunning mountain trails with sweeping panoramic views. There are meadows of wildflowers and heavily wooded forests to explore. When horseback riding in the Poconos, you can ride alongside streams and creeks or up to roaring waterfalls. In fact, guests at Skytop Lodge can experience all of the above and more without ever leaving our expansive 5,500-acre estate.

Great Exercise in the Great Outdoors

If you have ridden a horse even once, you know that riding is a fun way to get some exercise. Even a very slow pace requires you to use your core muscles to keep your balance. In the Poconos region, there are a variety of trails for all skill levels, allowing horse lovers to choose between gentle rides, strenuous rides, and everything in between.

Opportunities for Non-Riders

Not every horse lover is also a horseback rider. In the Poconos Mountains, there are plenty of opportunities for encountering horses without actually getting in the saddle. For our younger guests, we offer 20-minute Pony Rides around the Skytop Stables. Additionally, you can enjoy hayrides, horse drawn carriage rides, and even winter sleigh rides while taking in the splendor of our natural scenery.

Come find out for yourself why horse lovers return to Skytop Lodge and the Pocono Mountains year after year. Our well-trained and well-tempered horses are a joy for riders of all skill levels. Our professional trail guides are able to assist you throughout your ride, whether it’s your first or one hundred and first  time in the saddle. Ready to book your next Poconos vacation? Contact us at Skytop Lodge today.