Thanksgiving Traditions To Start This Year

Oct 9, 2019

Nothing says “home” like being on your childhood couch watching football on Thanksgiving. On the other hand, heading out of town on vacation somehow also feels like home. A city that smells just the same as when you last visited, sparking nostalgic memories that make you feel anxious to make more. To many of our guests, the Poconos feels like a second home, especially during Thanksgiving and the holiday season. 

While it might seem counterintuitive to be traveling to a vacation spot on Thanksgiving, your family is in for some of the best memories. We all know that home isn’t a physical place, it’s a feeling. So as long as your family is nearby, wherever you are is where you should be, turkey legs and all.

At Skytop Lodge, we are all about traditions.

Whether you’re looking to reconnect with family and friends over a round of golf, relax surrounded by the serenity of nature or discover some pulse-pounding adventure, everything you need to create your perfect escape is In Our Nature.

If you’ll be staying with us this holiday season or staying home, check out these Thanksgiving traditions that are sure to spark family memories.

  • Have the kids be in charge of “taking orders” and serving dessert 

  • Enjoy an indulgent and relaxing breakfast, like breakfast burritos or pancakes 

  • Go on a nature hike or walk at some point during the day

  • Do a gratitude jar where everyone writes down their thanks and puts it in a jar, then go around the table and have each person pick one out and share it 

  • Play board games after dinner 

  • Dress up for dinner

  • Curl up by the fire in matching pajamas (who says you have to wait until Christmas?)

  • Use butcher paper and markers to create homemade “I’m thankful for…” placemats

  • Have breakfast in bed

  • Do a scavenger hunt outside in nature

  • Leisurely explore the city like a tourist

  • Take a family nap 

Grab your hat and gloves, because it’s going to be a fun-filled winter season at Skytop Lodge! Experience it all with our Winter Family Fun Bed & Breakfast Package . Book now for Thanksgiving in the Poconos!