Take Aim At Spring Break With Archery at Skytop Lodge

Mar 6, 2017

Ever wanted to test your skill with a bow and arrow? Here at Skytop Lodge, we offer two fun ways to draw back a bow and take aim this Spring Break: Archery and Archery Tag. Our archery activities at Skytop are open to all skill levels, so whether you are a skilled archer or have never held a bow in your life, you can take a shot at this fun activity.


Bring out your inner Robin Hood and take aim at colorful targets with a bow and quiver of arrows. Challenge yourself to improve each round or go head to head with friends and family on our side-by-side range. Kids of all ages love watching their arrows hit their mark. All required equipment is available on site, and no experience is necessary.

Archery Tag

Amp up the competition with a combat archery sport that is fun and safe for the whole family. Archery Tag is an exciting, fast-paced outdoor game that has been described as dodgeball with bow and arrows. Of course, the arrows are foam-tipped which ensures a fun and painless combat tag experience.

Archery Tag is played with two teams attempting to hit their opponent’s 5-spot target or the opponents themselves. Hide behind inflatable bunkers, send arrows soaring towards your opponents, and do your best to avoid getting tagged. Play until all 5-spots on a team’s target have been hit or one entire team has been tagged out or until the time runs out. Once your game is over, the team with more targets still intact wins. Skytop Lodge is an official Archery Tag licensee and the only place in the Northeast where you can try out this fun, family-friendly activity.

Whether you choose to shoot at a target with traditional archery or revel in the competition of archery tag, Skytop Lodge is your best shot for an amazing Spring Break adventure. For more information or to book your Skytop Spring Break vacation, contact us today.