Take a Hike: Explore Skytop’s Nature Trails

Jun 1, 2016

Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and find yourself on one of our many nature trails at Skytop Lodge. One of the premier Poconos Mountain resorts since 1928, Skytop Lodge sits on 5,500 acres of awe-inspiring natural beauty. Feel free to escape the stresses of daily life and immerse yourself in all the Poconos have to offer at Skytop Lodge. We’ve even compiled a short overview to some of our favorite trails on the Skytop estate to help you get started.

Easy Trails

The Lake Trail, Trout Stream Trail, White Birch Trail, and Pine Trail at Skytop Lodge are all rated easy. All of these trails are fairly level and allow the opportunity to see the beauty of the Skytop estate. The Trout Stream Trail, however, is by far our most popular trail. All along the often shaded trail, you can see various native Poconos wildlife but the trail’s high point is decidedly the magnificent 3-story Indian Ladder Falls. Large wood turtles, salamanders, and trout are often found in the pools just below the falls.

Moderate Trails

Both the Upper Falls and West Rim Trails are generally level, with moments of awe-inspiring beauty. The Upper Falls trail has slight hills and sporadic rocky areas but offers a beautiful view overlooking the scenic falls locating shortly upstream from Indian Ladder Falls.

The West Rim Trail is a 4-mile moderate trail known for its highlight, the Gazebo. Located 1900 feet above sea level, the Gazebo offers panoramic views of the Skytop Lodge, Camelback Mountain, the Delaware Water Gap, and surrounding areas.

Challenging Trails

The Beaver Dam Trail is two-mile loop trail that will transport you far from the noise of civilization. The trail is mostly level, with a few rugged, rocky sections. Along this way, you’ll pass through a variety of natural communities. As a result, you may notice blueberry thickets and otter as well as old Norway spruce plantations and bears.

Very Rugged

The very rugged trails on the Skytop estate should only be attempted by experienced hikers and never in wet or icy conditions.

The extremely steep and strenuous Stable Trail climbs over 400 ft in less than half a mile. Views from the Stable Trail are spectacular but accessible only via switchbacks, rock steps, and metal support cables.

Another very rugged trail, the Leavitt Falls Trail, is another trial that should only be attempted under completely dry conditions. Although it never arrives at Leavitt Falls, the falls are viewable at multiple points along the trail – both from above and below. The trail traverses a hemlock and rhododendron ravine before emerging near the Skytop golf course.

While these are some of our favorite trails at Skytop, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Download our free Trail Map and explore the immense diversity to be found at Poconos Mountain resorts. If you’re ready to take a hike, contact us today to book your Poconos Mountain escape.