Summertime Vow Renewal Ideas

Mar 26, 2019

A vow renewal is a way to reaffirm your love for each other, celebrate a milestone in your marriage, or recommit after a period of hardship. What better time to celebrate your love than summertime in the Poconos? At Skytop Lodge, connecting with nature and each other is in our DNA. Here you’ll find an idyllic setting to say, “I Do” all over again.

Wondering how you’ll pull off a vow renewal that’s just as meaningful as your wedding? Here are some ideas to get inspired.

Go For an Intimate Elopement-Style Setting

Just you, an officiant, and a beautiful setting. Okay, maybe a few family members and the kids too. Stick with no stress and low key planning. Don’t feel like you have to do all the traditional wedding stuff with an elopement vow renewal.

Choose a Meaningful Ceremony Ritual

There are many ceremony rituals that symbolize unity. A vow renewal is a perfect time to honor your commitment to each other by celebrating how far you’ve come together as one. Candles, wine, robe, and sand are all props you can use for this type of ritual.  

Let Nature Be Your Backdrop  

When you’re high up in the Poconos, you’re rewarded with stunning mountain views. Let nature do the talking with a quiet outdoor ceremony. With so many gorgeous trails, lakes, and lawns, there are endless possibilities for embracing the beautiful outdoors.    

Go All Out With a Large Wedding

If your family loves a good time and you want to go big, then go big! Who says you can’t have a second wedding for a vow renewal? Your friends get a good time, and you get the dress, the bridesmaids, the dinner, the dance floor, the whole shebang!

Plan your vow renewal at Skytop Lodge!

In addition to enjoying world-class cuisine and an intimate outdoor setting, here are a few outdoor activities you and your guests might enjoy:

  •      Hiking and biking
  •      Indoor and outdoor pool
  •      Lakeside Beach
  •      Fishing
  •      Shooting
  •      Boating
  •      Golf
  •      Rock Climbing
  •      TreeTop Adventure Course
  •      Tennis

If you’re interested in planning your wedding at Skytop Lodge, call us at (570) 595-8939 or email [email protected] to arrange a tour.