Skytop Special: “I Wish to Have a Christmas Tree” Package

Nov 7, 2016

Start a new holiday tradition at Skytop Lodge, one of the premier luxury resorts in Pennsylvania. For close to 90 years, families have been celebrating Christmas at Skytop. Every year, the 5,500-acre Skytop Estate transforms into a stunning winter wonderland with plenty of lights and festive decorations.

This year, we invite you to take some of the pristine Pennsylvania forest home with you with our “I Wish to Have a Christmas Tree” package. You will make unforgettable memories, and we will even include custom keepsakes to commemorate your Christmas tree adventure at Skytop.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Begin the day with a scrumptious and bountiful breakfast. When you have finished eating, head over to our local tree farm. Enjoy hot chocolate and cookies on a hayride, then find your perfect Christmas tree. You can cut down your tree yourself or choose to have it cut down for you. Either way, we will take photos in the Pine Room to capture the magical moment.

Spend the rest of the evening preparing for Christmas by decorating stockings and ornaments. As for your tree, we’ll keep it safe until the day of your departure when we will personally deliver it to you and help you tie it to your car for your ride home.

Special Keepsakes to Cherish

Nothing beats being present in the moment, but keepsakes can remind us of holidays and special times from years past. We have included a few special mementos in this package to bring these memories back in future years. You will receive a custom wood burned ornament from the farm when you arrive to find your tree. Additionally, you will receive a print of your photo taken in the Pine Room in a custom frame.
This holiday season, rediscover the magic and wonder of Christmas at Skytop. The “I Wish To Have A Christmas Tree” package from Skytop is available from December 2 through December 24. For more information or to book this special offer, contact us at 855-352-7779.