Skytop Golf | What To Know Before You Tee Off  

Mar 24, 2021

Skytop Lodge is a premier location for golf in the Poconos. If you’re ready to step away from the busy life you are living to enjoy some beautiful terrain with stunning tree-lined fairways, we welcome you to take a closer look at our opportunities. From an impressive course layout to a stunning 6656-yard course, you’ll find it is the type of experience you need to have.

Get to Know Skytop’s Golf Course

Our award-winning golf course offers everything you need for an exceptional experience. There are small greens and expansive fairways, all wrapped into a beautiful space. The experience is a bit different from city-style golfing. Our mountain-style track has more natural terrain, with rolling hills and wide fairways. You’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a natural wonderland, which of course, is what this region of the country offers.

If you are thinking about a golf vacation in the Poconos, we highly recommend booking a trip with us soon. Keep in mind that there is some challenge with the course. It has an above-average speed. It also incorporates water on two holes for an extra level of challenge. You will find a few bunkers that may frustrate you. These challenge even the most sophisticated of golfers.

Who Should Visit Skytop’s Golf Course?

We recommend coming even if you are a novice. While this course is best for the casual player who has a bit of experience, it can be a good place to learn as well. Even better, serious golfers who want a comprehensively different course from what they are used to at home will love this location.

We talk golf seriously, and as a result, provide a high-quality, beautiful course that’s well maintained.

Follow the Rules, Please

There are a few rules that each person that wants to play here needs to follow. First, each player must have their own set of clubs, as sharing of clubs is not allowed. Rentals are available through the onsite Pro Shop.

Additionally, there are a few key rules about play. It is important that we enforce a max four-some rule, meaning no five-somes on the course. Walking is only allowed on the course after 3 pm. We ask that each player respect these rules while visiting.

There is also a dress code we require all players to follow. That requirement is a collared shirt and soft spike shoes to be worn on the golf course. Players dressed in jeans or a non-collared shirt will be asked to change into appropriate attire.

Also, our schedule changes often. To help ensure good game play availability and low crowds, we recommend booking an advanced tee time. We encourage this of both those who are resort guests with us at Skytop Lodge and those who are staying offsite or local. Tee times are flexible. Our course is open to the public and can fill up quickly.

New Rules Due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has placed new restrictions and limitations on all activities. Golf is one of them. We do our best to ensure you’re safe while here, but we do have some rules that must be followed based on our own policies and local rules. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • All visitors must wear a mask while in the Golf Shop as well as when they are around employees. If you are coming into contact with anyone that is not in your group, please do so with a mask on as well.
  • Social distancing is necessary and is being monitored. We are not allowing more than three people into the Golf Shop at one time, including employees.
  • We’re doing our part to keep areas clean. For example, we are keeping some doors propped open to minimize the need to touch doors. Tees, the scorecard you use, and pencils are no longer on carts. We encourage you to bring your own.
  • We encourage you to purchase bottled water during your time with us as water is not available at the ranger carts or starter shed.
  • We are spraying and washing golf carts after each round of play. We encourage each player to bring their own wipes or spray if they desire to do so.

The game of golf may not have changed much in the last few years, but the efforts we are putting into keeping our players healthy and safe have changed.

Simple things make a difference. For example, USGA allows golfers to leave the flag in place when putting. We encourage you to do the same thing. That simple act helps to minimize the amount of touching of shared surfaces that is happening.

Golfing Infographic

Ready to Learn to Play?

Perhaps you are taking a golf vacation to improve your skills. This is one of the best ways to up your game. Skytop Lodge offers private lessons that are perfect for those who want to learn basic skills or those who are aiming to improve existing skills.

We offer both private lessons for adults and kids under the age of 17. Book an hour or a 30-minute session to ensure you have the time you need to learn. On-course lessons are some of the best opportunities for you to improve your level of game – and you will have a lot of fun doing so as well.

If you’ll be around for a while and want to improve your game, check out our private lessons package. It will save you money while honing your skills.

Membership Is Available

There is nothing quite like the feeling of belonging to a golf club. Our team here at Skytop Lodge encourages you to check out our membership opportunities. Our golf course membership in the Poconos gives you access to more flexible tee times, preferred tee times, and a driving range to explore. Check out all the options we offer when it comes to memberships (seasonal memberships, including weekends, are available).

Want to Participate in a Tournament?

Challenge is a big part of the game, and Skytop Lodge makes it easy. Our award-winning golf course is the perfect place to host your own tournament. We work with local charities, families, and corporations looking to host a challenging but fun event. With full-service bag drop and a large practice facility with a 300-yard driving range, everyone in your group is sure to have a lot of fun.

You’ll love the experience you have at Skytop Lodge on our golf course. Of course, there’s much more to do in the area that’s worth planning a Poconos golf vacation to enjoy. Be sure to check out our adventure center to learn more about our opportunities.

Let’s have some fun. Check out our impressive course layout, book your advance tee times, and read a review or two about our location. Book your tee time with us now to get started.