Luxury Resorts in Pennsylvania | Art at the Top

Aug 12, 2016

The spectacular natural beauty of Skytop Lodge–one of the premier luxury resorts in Pennsylvania–has been inspiring professional and amateur photographers alike for nearly a century. The wildlife, diverse plant life, waterfalls, streams and lake are truly picturesque year-round. At Skytop Lodge, we love seeing the Skytop estate through the eyes of our guests, or more accurately, through their camera lenses. This summer, we are proud to host a very special art exhibit showcasing the story of Skytop through the lens of Nicodemo Rinaldis, the award-winning photographer behind some of the best nature photography anywhere.

By the time Nicodemo Rinaldis was 13, he was already pursuing his passion for photography in his native Italy. Not long after Rinaldis moved to the United States, he joined the Photographic Society of America (PSA). He has since achieved 5-star recognition, the highest star level at PSA, in nature and color slides. He has also been awarded several “best in show” titles at PSA showcases and competitions and is clearly one of the best of Poconos photographers alive today. A world-renowned photographer, Rinaldis captures light in a moment and the story of each moment unfolds in the form of amazing photographic images. As a freelance photographer, he specializes in images for clients such as National Geographic, Kodak and Fuji Photo Film.

We at Skytop Lodge are honored that Nicodemo Rinaldis has turned his lens our way. The story of Skytop is told through his expertly captured images. These images, as well as examples of Rinaldis’ other work, will be on display at Skytop Lodge on August 20 in the Laurel Room. Don’t miss your chance to see Rinaldis’ inspiring work in person and even purchase some of his photographs to take home with you. The art exhibit is presented free of charge and will run from 3-7 p.m. For more information, contact us today.