How to Plan the Best Pocono Mountains Vacation  

Jun 14, 2021

Planning a vacation means sitting back, researching and creating a plan for everything there is to do and see in the desired location. That’s difficult when visiting the Pocono Mountains because of just how much there is to see and do! More so, it can be hard to navigate some of the options available, like which resort is going to provide you with the best comfort and where to stay to be close to it all. At Skytop Lodge, we encourage you to follow this short guide as a tool to help you create a plan.

Determine When to Visit

You can visit the Pocono Mountains at any time of the year. Coming back at a different time may allow you to really experience the beauty of this area in different ways – and it gives you a whole new set of things to do and see.

Most of the time, coming from early May through the end of October is ideal because the weather is absolutely beautiful. Like most places, the Poconos experiences a fairly warm summer. This is when you will want to plan all of your activities around water. In the wintertime, the Poconos is known for its many ski slopes. If you’re into everything from tubing to snowmobiling, this is the time to visit the area.

Where to Stay – Choosing Available Resorts

There are many resorts, cabins and hotels located throughout the Pocono Mountains. While we welcome you to stay with us at Skytop Lodge, there are other options in the area as well. When choosing, consider a few important things:

  • What is located within a short drive of the location? You want to be close to everything you plan to do.
  • Is there anything interesting and exciting located within walking distance? This is a fantastic way to explore the nature that surrounds you.
  • Consider onsite amenities. This includes things like spas, golf, dining and concierge services if needed.
  • Do you want to stay in cabins or a high-end luxury hotel? The good news is some locations offer both options.
  • Are the accommodations ideal? You’ll be spending a lot of time active and engaged with the region. You want a comfortable bed to come home to each night.

At Skytop Lodge, all of the amenities you need are at the location. Choose between our rooms at The Cottages or a room at our historic Lodge. You can also spend some time dining at one of the many restaurants nearby, or engage in our Adventure Center to do everything from learning archery to having some fun with paintball.

Create a Plan for Activities You Wish to Do

The next step is to take in all of the activities in the Pocono Mountains. There’s no doubt this is the biggest part of planning your trip. For that reason, let’s consider a few steps within this step!

Step 1: Invest in Some Tours

There are multiple tours and historical sites to engage in throughout the Pocono Mountains. Take in as many as you can. A few musts for those visiting for the first include the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway, Asa Packer Mansion, and the Jim Thorpe Memorial, among many others. Don’t forget the No. 9 Mine and Museum.

Step 2: Hike Your Heart Out

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore this natural wonderland. There are hikes everywhere. It’s always best to choose one of the trails already in place for safety. Some to check out include:

Step 3: Take in a Few Performances

From the local nightclubs with live music to locations like Penn’s Peak, you are sure to find a lot to take in no matter what your interests are. The Mauch Chunk Opera House is yet another option. Each experience is a bit more enjoyable.

Step 4: Engage in Nature

Next, find ways to take in nature. The key here is to really embrace a variety of experiences to enjoy one of the best experiences of a lifetime. Some recommendations include:

  • Go horseback riding
  • Do some fishing – even if it is your first time
  • Go whitewater rafting or kayaking down the Lehigh River
  • Do some bird watching with a guide
  • Go swimming!

Step 5: Play Some Golf

Golf is another must for those who love the game. In the Poconos, there is a challenge for even the most advanced golfer. We recommend at least one round of golf at Skytop Lodge’s award-winning golf course. There are plenty of other golf courses in the area to take in as well.

Step 6: Shop Your Heart Out

When it comes to attractions, most people think about the experiences outdoors – as you should. Yet, there are some outstanding shopping spots and nice bistros for lunchtime relaxation. For those who want to take in a true mall experience, visit the Pocono Village Mall or Stroud Mall. You can also shop for some fantastic deals at The Crossings Premium Outlets or look for treasures at Mountain Home Antiques.

Step 7: Explore the Next Region

Explore the Lehigh River Gorge Region. After that, take some time taking in the Delaware River Region. You can also spend some time in the Lake Region. There is no doubt that around every corner there is a new experience to enjoy. You will find incredible special things in each one. For example, in the Lake Wallenpaupack area, you can take recreational cooking classes or head out onto the lake in one of the boat rentals. If you have enough time to visit the Delaware River Region, check out all of the beautiful waterfalls that the area has to offer. They are stunning. The Lehigh River Gorge Region has ample hiking opportunities (including through the gorge itself) and some beautiful historical places to enjoy.

When it comes to planning your Pocono Mountains vacation, make sure to make time for each one of these experiences. You are sure to find the entire experience enjoyable. Our team at Skytop Lodge can help you with planning any of these experiences, too.