How The Right Conference Venue Can Make All The Difference

Mar 17, 2017

From keynote speakers to coffee breaks, meeting planners know that every detail matters when putting on a corporate event. Aside from the program’s agenda, no detail may be as important than the venue you choose. Whether you are planning a retreat for board members or a weeklong international conference, where you host your next meeting can be the key to a successful event.

Inspiration Upon Arrival

The appearance and location of a venue can set the tone of your conference…even before guests find the registration table or attend the welcome reception. This is why it is essential to pay attention to your own initial reactions when you make your first site visit. After all, attendees’ first impressions of the venue will also be their first impression of your conference. At Skytop Lodge, the breathtaking natural beauty of the Pocono Mountains and impressive Main Lodge inspires at first glance. But that is only the beginning.

Fuel Success

Food that fuels and nourishes rather than simply feeds can help keep attendees interested and engaged all day long. At Skytop Lodge, we offer a wide range of catering options that allow you to personalize the meals for your next event.

For example, a themed specialty break can be just the thing to energize your team. One option is our Chocoholic Break featuring chocolate fondue, brownies, and truffles. Enjoying rich chocolate delights can turn an ordinary coffee break into an extraordinary moment that can excite and revitalize your group. Whatever your needs, our culinary staff will work with you to create a customized menu that will complement the quality of your meeting.

Foster Lasting Connections

The immediate impact of a successful conference can sometimes be hard to measure. But often, a key indicator is how well the programs facilitate networking and foster lasting connections. Here at Skytop, we offer unique teambuilding activities that build camaraderie and encourage innovative problem solving. Team members can learn a new skill, compete in a scavenger hunt, take aim at one another with Laser Tag, or soar through the treetops on our Treetop Adventure Course. From boat building to cake decorating, at Skytop, you’ll find teambuilding options unlike anything else you’ve experienced.

Learn More About Skytop

Take your next meeting to new heights when you host it at Skytop Lodge. We are only two hours away from New York City, but our beautiful location in the majestic Poconos makes the bustling city life feel like worlds away. Skytop Lodge offers awe-inspiring scenery, spectacular menu options, and one-of-a-kind teambuilding experiences that will make your next corporate event a winner. Interested in learning more? Submit an RFP online today