Fun and Unique Wedding Reception Ideas  

Sep 7, 2021

Your wedding should be a celebration of who you both are and what you hope your future will be like. That means you deserve to make this day as special as you want it to be and do it in your own way. From the most traditional to the most unconventional, The Poconos are the place to be for your event. There are dozens of amenities nearby and the area feels like it is out of a fairytale.

At Skytop Lodge, we offer all of the support and guidance you need to plan your special day. That includes offering numerous venues that can make celebrating this day enjoyable. We specialize in weddings, and it shows with our dedication to making sure you are both smiling.

Start with Our Destination – There Are 5,500 Acres to Enjoy

Skytop offers one of the most spacious and beautiful settings for your wedding and reception. What’s more much of this space can be customized and utilized in any way you have. If you already have an idea for your day but need the space to pull it off, reach out to us. We’re happy to help you make it happen – and you’ll have a stunning background with it as well. You can set up more than one area for your event as well including creating a setting that’s completely different for your reception.

Check out some of our locations:

  • Evergreen Garden: There’s room for 350 people with an impressive view.
  • Formal Garden: With room for up to 300 guests, this is the destination for a sophisticated, outdoor wedding or reception.
  • South Porch: This is a bit of a smaller space, with room for 250 people, that creates a dreamy, peaceful setting at night, surrounded by fragrant gardens.
  • Streamside Lawn: For a more intimate space, check out this location (with still room for 150 people). Skytop Lake is your background with its stunning natural space.

Making This Your Event – How We Can Help Make It Happen

Are you looking for an unconventional space? Perhaps you want to have the perfect event for older couples, or you want a no dancing experience. Here are some things to consider.

1). Host an adventure as a component of your wedding weekend. A part of your reception may involve some rock climbing or allowing guests to spend some time on a hike.

2). Plan an event that involves a firepit or camping-style event. You can even plan for a dessert menu that’s full of s’mores and stories.

3). Host a wine tasting at your reception. If you have a group of people that love wine, you can plan an exciting experience with a few local wines.

4). Incorporate a more laid back reception with a simple dinner menu. With numerous restaurants onsite, you can find the right selection of foods to fit just about any goals you have. Don’t forget about having good coffee available, too.

5). Consider a clambake. You can have a lot of fun planning this reception and there are no rules to making it a success. There’s plenty of fabulous food to include and the right atmosphere right by the lake to make it memorable.

6). Planning a theme? You can pull off anything from a lakefront/beach theme to a fun Hawaiian theme. Go with something that is important to you both – sports, movies, or anything else.

7). Host a competition of sorts. Depending on the plans and the availability of it, our Adventure Center could be the ideal space for you to make this an event that everyone remembers.

8). Do you love golf? Is your marriage based on a few rounds of golf? Why not host your guests to a round or two after the initial ceremony?

9). Host a barn wedding. Have you always loved the experience and look of a barn wedding? We can create a space for you that gives you those same vibes, making every moment count of your rustic experience.

As you can see, there are many ideas available to you. And, you can most certainly let our team know about any ideas you have as well. We will work closely with you on every detail to ensure your experience is just what you want it to be.

No Size Limitations Exist

One of the things to keep in mind is that our venue is perfect for any size of event. Some older couples may want to keep things small, such as just inviting 20 to 40 people. Or you may want to choose an experience that gives you even more informal experiences. There’s nothing quite like a small dinner party to celebrate the big day when quality matters over quantity. Our team will work closely with you to make the entire experience everything you want it to be. Enjoy meaningful conversations with a group of people around a big table, if you like.

Let Us Help Plan Every Detail for You

Do you have ideas of what you would like your wedding to be about or look like? Perhaps you have some idea of what you want to create but you are unsure how to pull it all off. Let Skytop help you. We offer onsite wedding planners who can do as much or as little of the work for you as you need. It is our goal to listen and provide insights, ideas, and solutions. We aim to create just what you want from the decorations to the layout. Our team works hard with you to ensure we fully understand your goals.

We can help you with many of the details of the event. That includes flowers, linens, table settings, and even the beautiful decorations for each space. We can provide you with insight into all of the options nearby and make recommendations based on our experience with any vendors for services we do not offer.

Even better, we’ll work closely with you to make arrangements not just for the ceremony or reception, but for all of the other needs your guests have. That includes helping you to book accommodations with us at any of the options we offer including The Lodge, The Inn, and The Cottages. For something even more special, consider the Streamside Cottages. You can also book a spa weekend for yourself and your guests at The Nest while booking some tee times for those who would rather be on the green.

Let our team create an event you’ll love. We are happy to help you take your ideas (or use any of ours) to make this one of the best events of your lifetime. With a wide range of resources to help you today, we encourage you to call Skytop Lodge Now.