Don’t Make These Mistakes When Planning a Family Reunion

Dec 28, 2018

If you’re planning a family reunion in the Poconos, get ready to eat, play and relax like never before. Planning a large group event is big job and pleasing every family member isn’t easy.

But if you can avoid these mistakes, chances are everyone will have fun.  


Mistake #1: Not Planning Activities & Games


Moms can go to the spa for the day. The guys can golf. The kids can play at the lake or take part in one of the activities planned by our wonderful event staff. Sounds dreamy, right? It’s all possible at Skytop Lodge. Check out the activities ahead of time, so you know what your family wants to do. Did you know that Skytop Lodge is the only place in the Northeast where you can play Archery Tag? If your family is up for some unique fun, Archery Tag is the way to go. Book ahead and surprise the kids!


Mistake #2: Booking a Venue That Doesn’t Accommodate Everyone


The whole point of a family reunion is for everyone to spend quality time together. If your hotel can’t accommodate everyone, it’s probably not the best option. It’s so much easier when the whole family can stay at one place within walking distance of outdoor activities and restaurants.


The cottages at Skytop Lodge look like they’re right out of a storybook. Standing among a world of natural wonders, each cottage features private baths, porches, small refrigerators and TV/VCRs, along with everything else you need to feel at home, making cottage rooms ideal for families.


Mistake #3: Forgetting to Plan Group Meals


It’s a good idea to plan group meals for a family reunion so your guests have an idea of what to expect. Some families like to do only dinners together and others like to do every meal together. Skytop Lodge offers a variety of dining options, from a formal fine-dining affair to casual culinary delights. Here, impeccable service and the idyllic setting heighten your dining experience, turning every meal shared into a cherished family memory.


Mistake #4: Not Providing Down Time for Guests


There’s so much to do and see when you stay at Skytop Lodge located high up in the Poconos. A family reunion is a great time to spend quality time together, but too much time might not be the best idea. Give your guests a schedule of activities and meals, but factor in some down time so they can go out and explore. If they want to go on a morning hike or spend the afternoon at the spa, that’s possible with a more flexible family reunion schedule.  


Mistake #5: Letting Your Guests Pack Blindly


It’s nice to give your guests a packing list ahead of time to give them an idea of the weather and types of scenarios they may need to pack for. Because you’ll probably be doing some outdoor activities while you’re here, pack clothes that you can layer and shoes you don’t mind getting muddy. Hikers should bring a lightweight backpack with room for water bottles, snacks and sunscreen. Don’t forget your swim suit if you plan on playing in the water or spending time at the spa. We also suggest throwing in a lightweight rain coat if rain is in the forecast.


When planning the perfect Poconos family vacation, choose the luxury of a timeless retreat where stunning views and endless activities are right outside your door. outside the city, an exceptional experience beckons, where families come together and events become extraordinary. To book, call us at 855-345-7759 or check availability online.