A Zipline Experience Like No Other

Apr 12, 2017

Since 1928, friends and families have been gathering at Skytop Lodge to spend time together in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. Surrounded by 5,500 acres of pristine Poconos wilderness, Skytop is the ideal location to escape the city and reconnect with nature.

While many of our guests enjoy peaceful walks along our scenic trails, there are others who want to take their connection to nature to the next level. If you are a thrillseeker who relishes in the prospect of a cool mountain rush while zipping above the forest floor, then we’ve got what you’re looking for with our amazing outdoor zipline. No matter what time of year, our zipline adventure provides a whole new way to view the picturesque Poconos. And if you want to kick the adrenaline notch up even more, you’ll definitely want to check out our Treetop Adventure Course where you can choose your own exhilarating ziplining experience.

Full Treetop Adventure Course

Taking nearly four hours to complete, our full Treetop Adventure Course is over 3,000 feet of exciting obstacles, challenges, and of course, ziplines. The full course includes a total of 16 separate ziplines connected by elevated bridgeways. Throughout the course, you will climb a cargo net, scale ladders, and cross logs hanging from ropes as they sway in the breeze.

Half Treetop Adventure Course

Want to scale the obstacles and soar along the ziplines, but also have time for some of the other amazing activities at Skytop? No problem. The half course option at Skytop’s Adventure Course can still give you the thrill you’re seeking, but in half the time. You’ll get to fly through the air, test yourself on some of our best obstacles, and still have more than half the day left to take advantage of some of our other fantastic resort amenities.

Zipline Only

If you just want to feel the thrill of the zip without the added course obstacles, you can get what you’re looking for at Skytop. Our zipline-only option allows you to fly along one or all 16 of our different ziplines without having to balance on a log bridge or ascend a cargo net. It’s just you and nature doing your thing.

In order to experience any zipline adventure, participants must be able to reach with their hands above their head to a height of 5’11”, standing flat-footed on the ground with a waist size less than 41 inches. Zipline adventurers must be at least 10 years old; those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Experience the Treetop Adventure Course your way at Skytop Lodge, open year-round for four seasons of exciting, high-flying fun. For more information or to book your Skytop Lodge vacation, contact us today.